Breaking News on the Planned Poisoning of Humanity



HELP Californians Get a PEOPLE’S VETO and Overturn SB277!


Canada to Dump Nuclear Waste Less Than Mile From Great Lakes

EPA Navajo Animas River Poisoning Update


Goo Falling From the Sky


EPA Hearing on Commercial Aircraft Emissions C-SPAN – Aug 11 2015


Congressman Wants CDC Investigated for Tampering With MMR Study


Initial Report – Alexandra May Hunter Paris Climate Conference

The title of her subject matter was, “Geoengineering: Existing State Specific Laws and the impacts upon human health, the Eco-system & Economics

Climate Change Conference Paris 2015-Day 3-Activist Discussion

The sessions were very controlled, repeating the mantra that we’re all going to die from global warming unless we all pay craploads of carbon taxes.

Vatican’s Aerosol Sprayer Coin Minted in 1985

Geoengineering Poisoning the Planet with Aluminum – Coal Fly Ash

Morgellons Growth Inhibition Achieved

Morgellons Growth Inhibition Achieved



Sofia Smallstorm – Iodine and Your Immune System

Sofia Smallstorm – Iodine and Your Immune System

Aerosol Detox!

Aerosol Detox










Alert Rhode Island HB 5480 Geoengineering Hearing 5/21/2015

Rhode Island Legislature Initiates Prohibition Against Geoengineering. 

HB 5480









The Rhode Island legislature submitted HB 7655 in April 2014. The Bill was held for review and apparently died in committee. (Source)

The 2015 legislature submitted a new Bill – HB 5480 – currently being held for review.


The Public is invited to make comments on HB 5480 (Here)

HB 5480 is sponsored by Rep. Karen L. MacBeth and Rep. James N Mclaughlin 

Read more Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity

Monitors and Reports on the Geo-Engineering of our Planet

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  1. My name is Alexandra May Hunter and I support House Bill 5480. The people have the right to have any and all on-going or future geoengineering programs investigated by a neutral unbiased advisory board with full disclosure no matter who is or will be conducting these programs. This advisory board must include citizens. Civil society has a right to know what is or may be emitted into the ambient air, the air we all breathe and the air that all of nature requires for it to be prosperous. The potential risks and hazards regarding human health, the Eco-system, the legal implications thereto and the economy need to become transparent prior to any further contemplation or operation of these very risky programs. The national security of the United States and the state of Rhode Island must be taken into account. The people of this country are the most precious and valuable resource, hence the protection of the people is in fact protecting the national security of the United States and the citizens of Rhode Island. The general public are unaware of the risks associated with geoengineering, climate remediation and weather modification programs. We the people, due to risks involved, require participation, review and oversight over these rules along with Environmental Impact Statements (“EIS”) for each proposed scheme. The state of Rhode Island’s duty is ongoing and continuous requiring the state to take into account & adjust to current conditions and act in light of changing circumstances & new information, so as to ensure adequate protection of the atmosphere for this & future generations.

  2. This is not healthy for anyone! They need to stop this geoengineering!! We want our blue skies back!!!!

  3. Heavy Heavy Heavy spraying along the front range of Colorado. My family reporting from Denver/Ft Collins to Pueblo/Rye. We haven’t see it this bad.

  4. Yes, they are spraying over Whatcom county, Washington state almost daily. Go to the nasa EOSDIS worldview map and take a global look, archived back years. It’s captivating to see the activity. There is a great trail and SHADOW on 7/17/14 over the Pacific off the west coast. What plane leaves a CONtrail a thousand miles+ long so thick it leaves a shadow?! Or is there just an incredibly straight line cloud out there…. Rattle cages folks, take pictures and send ’em along. Don’t stop talking about them. We’re having tree die out too but people don’t realize the source. Bugs are drawn to a weak tree. Why are the trees weak? Another good look see is the motion of MIMIC-TPW The normal Jet Streams have been totally disrupted. These 2 map views demonstrate that quite well.

  5. They are spraying us daily, it is extreamly rare to receive a brake from it in Clovis, CA. My fruit trees are dying and it isn’t from the lack of water.

  6. Sprayed heavily on 4/15/15 at around 7:30 pm. Took some videos. They were chemtrailing full force, Clark County, Washougal, WA. The chemical jet streams connected together creating a huge filter like haze fading out the blue skies above. So sad to witness. In So Cal they do the same.

  7. Spraying us daily in the metro STL area. My husband and I are hikers so we see it constantly. Its amazing how people fail to notice what goes on above our heads. Triangles and straight lines in the sky are unnatural! Please bring back the sun! Outdoor activities and photos suck in chemtrail light.

  8. Over the last two years , the sky over Saint Joseph ,Mo. is littered constantly. There is nothing , absolutely nothing more heartbreaking than having fears of going outside and mowing your lawn or just floating in your pool. We are lucky to have a blue sky more than once a week. How on earth more people aren’t fit to be tied is beyond me! You have to be blind to not see it. I want my sunshine back !This is harming the health of our planet.

  9. The sky’s above my home have been getting worse every year, we barely have a clear blue day.

    This needs to stop, i mean what exactly are they even spraying, does anyone really know?

    Please help me help others wake up to this, send me as much info as you can please and i will continue to speak out about these Geoengineering programmes.

  10. I used to live in the USA. Had to move out. Chemtrailing destroyed my tree farm (long story). Doctor visits, food prices, rent, taxes, electricity and water bills skyrocketed. I had been forced to move out, as i could no longer afford to live even in the cheapest remotest areas of USA. Moved out not by my own wish. I moved to a much more affordable country, still getting chemtrailed here, but not as much as in the USA.

  11. I live in the southeastern u.s. about 40 miles from SJ airforce base. spraying here not too heavy. spray patterns always north to south. we have had an unusual amount of rain here on the east coast since 2013. that year over 60 inches. unreal. too much rain. much rain and cooler temps this year so far. tue evening while moving the grass saw a giant chemtrail heading my way to the north. it was three aircraft. they rapidly desended in just a matter of minutes from over 20k feet to about 5000 ft. for the first time I could really see the type of aircraft it was. it was 3 c17s. they headed east probably for SJ airforce base. thats where the c135 supertankers have been based for years.
    keep watching the sky people!

  12. Hi, my name I’d Mary. I live in southern NewJersey..and since my husbsnd’s co-worker asked him what he thought the “white streaks” in the sky were..we have been getting a good amount of “spray ” in our area. We’ve been on the websites getting educated about what they are. Since about February we have been watching the’s pitiful.on Easter Sunday they were spraying. I have seen these before but never thought anything about it. Well, now we know and watch daily..for some reason we haven’t seen them this week. And now I wonder if hurricane SANDY was a man-made superstorm, as it detroyed a large area of the East Coast.q

  13. John Montano on 04/10/2015

    Heavy Heavy Heavy spraying along the front range of Colorado. My family reporting from Denver/Ft Collins to Pueblo/Rye. We haven’t see it this bad.

  14. John Montano I apologize I hit wrong key and it was gone, I meant to agree w you, I am in Windsor and see it daily pretty much, looks like tic tac toe. Amazing my friends don’t believe, ones hsbnd flies and they refute it all . There is nothing can convince me the chemtrails did nto cause the huge flood here, and probly our Tornado, I just wasn’t aware back then.

  15. The metro Kansas City area has been blanketed with chemtrails for months… and as others are seeing, its rare when we have a blue sky anymore.

  16. May 27th 2015 in Sonoma County California,,,,missing Spring 2015 with low daily temperatures,, mostly overcast skies,,,very little or no sunshine,,, sometimes sun in the early afternoon,,, no live bees seen,,,,, dead bees on the ground very apparent,,,, Geoenginneering Jet Aircraft activity is very apparent when there should be little or no air traffic in my area. These Geoenginneering Jet Aircraft are leaving trails that do not disappear above the high fog layers, turning the sky to a silver white haze in all directions and blocking the sun while creating erratic winds,,,,,weather control seems to be very extreme and is disheartening and depressing. Please stop spraying US,,,, the evidence is in the sky,,, Look Up,,,,, question what is going on,,,,,, question our F#CKING GOVERNMENT !

  17. I live on the Northern Oregon Coast. We get hammered most days with spray. I belon to other Facebook geoengineering watch groups in the Pacific Northwest. Reports and pics o spraying daily out here. It’s a mess. I so what I can to contact media and elected officials who have all but ignored me. Sadly, rounding up folks o get together around here has been non effective. We need sons sort of forum of peope I local states to gather of strength in numbers to protest. Any ideas?

  18. It’s been heavy along the NC coast for months near Wilmington. The planes start spraying a few miles offshore then out of sight. Checker board, X’s and multiple lines close to each other. I have seen halo’s from spray areas and with metallic taste. The spraying lasts for hours, not vapor/contrails. Hard to imagine more folks don’t notice all the trails, not the Carolina blue sky’s I grew up with. It’s sad the media and most people won’t acknowledge these trails as harmful to humanity.

  19. I normally see chemtrails every other day except when they dont feel like spraying.
    How do i know its chemtrails? They mark x’s in the skies where they want bad weather, then straight lines side by side for the chemicals they want us to breath.

    I wish they would just spray over washington above the white house to experament on them selves. I have many pictures of the chemtrails and if a normal jet was sraying their steam it would be in a totally straight flight pattern.

    Have no pitty for the pilots spraying this stuff for they get a double dose while flying the planes and releasing the chemicals.

    Been nice here for 4 days, they sprayed x’s last night and this morning, now forcast says severe thunderstorms for later this afternoon and this evening and for the next couple of days.

    Who do they think they are in washington… God? I think not. Just a bunch of useless idiots out for money and power and God will destroy them. This i pray and have faith.

  20. I got this published in the Emonds Beacon, WA recently:

    Dear editor:

    Uncle Sam’s anonymous gifts from the sky.

    I have some good news and some bad. First the good. We are familiar with the noble idea of giving anonymous gifts. It caught on with Uncle Sam too, with a 180 degree twist! Upside down one might say. Uncle Sam is giving SOMETHING–not in secret but blatantly for anyone but the blind to observe– and not revealing what the gift is FOR!

    I am talking about contrail-like stripes in the sky. Contrails are the visible effect of water condensation trailing aircraft. They disappear quickly,

    These other willy-nilly trails Uncle Sam gifts us derive from planes flying so high one often can’t even spot them. They spew something out –generously it seems, yet their white lines widen horizontally and gradually turn clear sky cloudy.

    Are there chemicals involved? Do traces end up on the ground or heaven forbid in our drinking water–unless it is vitamin C? (Sorry, a lame joke)

    Valid questions it seems. So here come the bad news: Uncle Sam won’t tell! Neither do we hear from pilots or ground crews. And environmentalists don’t care!

  21. Hi. I brazilian and I live on the island, called Ilhabela in the north of Sao Paulo city. Well, every morning and every final of the afternoon, have airplanes spraying over the island. When I lived in downtown Sao Paulo city, happen the same things.
    Some day, I was with my wife and some dogs in the Ipiranga Parque near of my house, when came in the sky one airplane white spraying some thing powder ultrafine. This was very slow till cover all the sky. Well more later around the 04:30 hs PM fell a rain very very strong with hail where stuck all my roof.
    I’m following some websites about chentrails and I about history of HAARP, so I have sure that this things are together, working for destroying of nature and bring fear for all people.
    Thanks for this oportunity speak about theme

  22. Yes, Hurricane Sandy was manufactured, because it was going the wrong way. Those storms are not supposed to turn and travel towards the west.

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