Fracking Nightmare – Voices from the Australian Gasfields

Fracking Nightmare – Voices from the Australian Gasfields

Published on May 1, 2015 by YouTuber Ian R Crane

This is the film the UK & Australian Governments do NOT want you to see! Documenting the accounts of families living with the hydrocarbon industry as a neighbour, this hour long documentary is shocking, as it reveals the day to day pollution these people live with – pollution of water, air, light and sound, some of the the basic human requirements needed to survive. The blind eye that the authorities and the hydrocarbon industry turn to these families living conditions, and the complete disregard to the environmental damage done to the bush by this, is truly disgraceful.

I have not seen another film like it, telling us, warning us how really dreadful life is living amongst the gas wells. I have a huge respect for the families in Australia that held onto their land and shared their stories with us. It was especially moving when Brian Monk speaks directly to the audience near the end of the video, very powerful indeed – we would be very wise to listen and act accordingly.

This film should be distributed and shown as widely as possible so we can learn and act. Full credit to Ian R Crane and his colleagues for turning around this moving, informative, high quality film in less than four months since his return from Australia. Thank you Ian and the families from Australia for the absolutely invaluable insight this film gives.

We need to take heed of the “Voices from the Gasfields” so these honourable families have not stayed loyal to their lands in vain.

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Cause for Concern: Mysterious ‘Chemical Smell’ Freaks Out Arizona Residents

A mysterious chemical smell, with an accompanying white smoke, has residents of an Arizona town asking panicked questions, but receiving no answers.

The community in north Marana, northwest of Tucson, claim that the smell, which has been described as a “chemical smell” or “resembling diesel exhaust,” became noticeable a few weeks ago, and is so pungent in some areas that residents have been forced to stay inside and close their windows.

Cause for Concern: Mysterious ‘Chemical Smell’ Freaks Out Arizona Residents

Photo Credit Dylan’s World

The smell is being reported in the mornings, from 5AM through 8AM and has become such a problem that the community has created a Facebook group to compare notes.

“It is very strong and irritates my throat,” Gladden Farms resident Christy Hollinger told Marana News. “I am pretty tolerant to smoke, exhaust, pollen so was a bit surprised this affected me.”

Many residents believe that the smell, and the smoke, could be coming from a nearby granite plant that produces asphalt as well as other products, or a local cement plant. Others, however, are not convinced, or at least not convinced that the smells are normal smells from either business.

“There have been plenty of times in the past where there is an asphalt/tar smell that comes from the same direction,” said Hollinger. “That smell is not accompanied with smoke that I’ve noticed. I’ve always accepted it as part of living near an asphalt plant.”

Pima County Department of Environmental Quality has received numerous complaints about the issue, and are said to be looking into it, but have not as yet offered answers.

“It is not clear exactly where the odors are coming from,” Beth Gorman, senior program manager for the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality told Tucson Local Media. “We have not verified the source of odor complaints at this point and are continuing our investigation.”

In March, the town ordered the granite plant to stop producing asphalt until the smell could be contained, as PDEQ, Southwest Gas, 911 and Poison Control had received “heavy volumes of calls from individuals reporting the odor and expressing health concerns.”

It had become so bad that schools in the Tucson Unified School District and Sunnyside Unified School District had to be evacuated.

So far, the granite plant seems to be in the clear, after the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), claimed that they found no violations earlier this week.

“As of right now, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has received no related complaints,” Caroline Oppleman, the public information officer for ADEQ told the Marana News. “Further, ADEQ’s most recent routine inspection of the Cal Portland Cement Plant state air quality permit conducted earlier this week showed no violations.”

Source: Sputnik News

Chemtrails Not Enough: Climate Engineers Now Dumping Large Volume Aerosol Plumes

Climate Engineering Enters Increasingly Toxic Phase Where Large Volume Aerosol Dumps Are Being Added to Aircraft Chemtrails Emissions.

The Evergreen Airways patent claims the aircraft is fully capable of large volume aerosol deployment as “Weather Modification”  (PDF)

The system of claim 1 Wherein the material tanks are configured to contain material selected from the group consisting of at least a Water, gel, decontamination compound, Weather modification compound, oil spill treatment compound, and a firefighting compound.” – (page 12 of 12)

Chemtrails Not Enough: Climate Engineers Now Dumping Large Volume Aerosol Plumes

US Patent US 7,413,145 B2 – Aug. 19, 2008

Chemtrails Not Enough: Climate Engineers Now Dumping Large Volume Aerosol Plumes

Chemtrails Not Enough: Climate Engineers Now Dumping Large Volume Aerosol Plumes

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Doctor Terrorizes Naked Mom of 3 in Exam Room Over Lost Vaccination Bonus

Any woman who has had to take off her clothes in a doctor’s office for a physical knows that this is a very vulnerable and sensitive time, particularly if the doctor doing the examination is a man!

Certainly, any male doctor with even a shred of bedside manner would know that this is not the time for lecturing, let alone berating, belittling or otherwise terrorizing, a female patient for exercising the basic civil right, frequently religiously motivated, to make medical decisions for herself and her children.

 Even more repulsive is a lucrative financial motive behind the bullying, as in the case of a doctor losing a generous vaccination bonus for failing to achieve a certain rate of compliance in his patient pool.

This loathsome behavior is occurring my friends, and yes, doctors do get paid for pushing drugs on their patients, and this includes chemotherapy drugs (the most lucrative of all) as well as bonuses for vaccine compliance.

I myself have been bullied on several occasions over the years by pediatricians for refusing the drugs being pushed on my children.

I wrote about that here and here.

Unbelievable! Mother Bullied Over Vaccines While Naked Getting a Physical

Doctor Terrorizes Naked Mom of 3 in Exam Room Over Lost Vaccination Bonus

Big Pharma Terrorist

I received the letter below today from Jan R., a Mom of three. Her words upset me greatly because I understand in some small way exactly what she went through. I know many of you reading this do too as you have experienced bullying during a vulnerable medical type of scenario. This practice must stop! How in the world do doctors like this continue to stay in business?

I have long been aware that pediatricians get bonuses for high vaccine compliance in their practice. But, I was not aware that other doctors were also benefiting from a similar financial incentive. Consider Jan R.’s letter to me this afternoon.

She writes:

I had a doctors appointment today. When I saw my [family] doctor the first thing he said was “you cost me some money this month”.

“Oh, how is that?” I replied.

He went on to tell me that he gets a bonus for having a certain percentage of babies vaccinated in his practice. Since I have twins and a singleton, I brought his percentage WAY DOWN and he didn’t get his bonus.

He went on asking again why I didn’t vaccinate, making fun of me, my choices and the whole anti-vaccination movement and ‘hippie, tree-hugging, hairy-armpit’ lifestyle.

I asked if we could have this conversation when I was wearing clothes, since I was only covered by a thin paper sheet after my physical.

He joked ‘well it’s easier for you not to run away this way’.

He kept on about it until I left in tears. I know he felt bad about making me upset, but I don’t feel bad about costing him a bunch of ‘bonus’ money.

More Confirmation of Bonuses to Doctors Who Administer Vaccines

Here’s what a newly minted medical doctor in California says about vaccine paybacks who, for obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous given the retribution that doctors are experiencing who buck the government mandated line on vaccines. He personally refuses to give vaccinations due to the financial conflict of interest and his own view that they harm more than help his patients:

It is true that clinics or doctors doing private practice get reimbursed a fee for the vaccinations that they give. They do not get reimbursed very much for patients with Medi-Cal or similar insurances but they do get reimbursed better for vaccinations given to those with private insurance.

At my clinic they actually have separate vaccinations for patients with private insurance versus those who do not have private insurance because they get paid for those vaccinations.

Like the doctor above, fear of ridicule and possible harassment or physical intimidation within her community has caused Jan R. to request that I not use her last name or indicate where this atrocity took place.

How I would love to publish the name and location of the doctor that traumatized this young mother! I know many of you would leave voicemails and send emails of outrage that would hopefully shame this man into better behavior in the future. However, shaming causes us to sink to that level, doesn’t it?

The best and most effective response is this:

Take our business elsewhere!

Nothing speaks louder to a doctor than an empty waiting room. So, if you’ve experienced bullying, belittling, or berating at the doctor’s office for your vaccine beliefs or any other medical decision you’ve made that runs contrary to conventional thinking, it’s time to find another doctor.

Pressure from Doctors to Vaccinate is Primarily Financially Motivated

This story sure does put big fat dollar signs on the front door of those pediatric practices that are kicking out patients for not vaccinating, doesn’t it?

At the end of the day, it’s about M-O-O-L-A-H, not public health blah-blah-blah.

The Silver Lining of This Story

Jan R. revealed to me in subsequent emails to her original message that the doctor who dished out this verbal abuse has shockingly been her family’s doctor for 20 years and is well respected in the community.

She also said that when she got home, the doctor called her to apologize. Jan also said that she would like to find another family doctor, but that it is hard to find one in her area who is not fresh out of medical school.

While remorse in this situation is certainly a good thing, this man needs to understand that an apology to this traumatized mother is too little, too late. His intimidating, completely out of line behavior is not only unacceptable and unprofessional (and has probably happened many times before), but also grounds for review by the state medical board.

I, for one, will be encouraging Jan R. to take her story to the proper medical authorities for consideration of disciplinary action so no other parent has to experience the anguish and shame perpetrated by a doctor with a seriously deviant god complex.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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