Aluminum and Barium in Jet Fuel – scientifically proven – new sensational documentary OVERCAST out now!

Matthias Hancke worked six years on OVERCAST, a documentary about the phenomenon of man-made clouds produced

by jet trails and the surrounding Chemtrail controversy, with the attempt to finally get a clear answer.

After the film was almost completed a study from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology came out with some groundbreaking results:
The interview, which is the end of the film, is free available below and is a real breakthrough in our fight!

DVD is out now!

Available in German, English and French –  be sure to order the correct DVD for your county!…

Matthias Hancke


OVERCAST Official Trailer:

Bedeckter Himmel – Neuer Dokumentarfilm “Overcast”| Bewusst.TV – 16.7.2016

YouTuber satsang – full

16.7.2016 – Jo Conrad unterhält sich mit Matthias Hancke, der den Dokumentarfilm „Overcast“ produziert hat, in dem der Frage nachgegangen wird, ob Flugzeuge tatsächlich chemische Substanzen wie Aluminium und Barium ausbringen, was man als Chemtrails bezeichnet, und für den tatsächlich Luftproben in großer Höhe untersucht wurden. Ziel des Dokumentarfilms OVERCAST ist – ein für allemal – schlüssige Antworten auf eine der drängendsten Fragen unserer Zeit zu finden.

Google translation:

07/16/2016 – Jo Conrad talks to Matthias Hancke, who produced the documentary film “Overcast”, in which the question will be whether aircraft actually chemical substances such as aluminum and barium deploy what is known as chemtrails, and for the actual air samples were investigated in a great height. The aim of the documentary is OVERCAST – to find conclusive answers to the most pressing issues of our time – once and for all.

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