Post suggestion from a subscriber Feb. 15, 2017 – Very disturbing  –   Official news – #fakenews – states Owls were hit by cars. Photographs do not reveal that Owls run over by cars….

Dead Owls Falling from the Sky - Jerome Idaho


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2 thoughts on “Dead Owls Falling from the Sky – Jerome Idaho

  1. The Intra-Species psychopathic, low frequency, parasitic garbage predators both of life form and synthetic (and with chips), who are slaughtering beautiful owls and other species should all be put before a firing squad and be shot through the skull so that they do not get the opportunity to keep killing innocent, voiceless creatures who cannot defend themselves who are not allowed their right to be free because low life pieces of excrement have decided they should die. We are controlled by criminals who must be removed.

  2. This is awful. We are seeingthe same thing in nj. Below i give the site to black birds falling from the sky.

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