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Mesa Arizona deadly chemical assault Lexie Hunter



































December 7, 2014—In the sky above Mesa, Arizona at Dobson Ranch—-The sky was perfectly clear and blue at 8:00 am. this morning–Then a whole fleet of the criminals came out in unmarked jets with specially retrofitted nozzles on their tails and completely assaulted the entirety of the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area with the deadly chemicals.  It is now 8:48 p.m., MST and they are still up there.  Lexie Hunter

PM-10 or PM-2.5 Health Watch” means that the highest concentration of PM-10 or PM-2.5 may approach the federal health standard.

AZ Air Quality Alert

ADEQ issues a Health Watch when the highest concentrations of ozone or particulate matter (PM) levels may approach the federal health standard. If a Health Watch is issued, people are encouraged to make voluntary efforts to limit activities that cause air pollution. People who are sensitive to air pollution (e.g. those with heart or lung disease, children, and the elderly) are advised to limit their outdoor activity.

A High Pollution Advisory (HPA) is issued when the highest concentrations of ozone or PM levels may exceed the federal health standard. High Pollution Advisories encourage people to limit outdoor activities, reduce driving, and other activities that cause air pollution. A High Pollution Advisory may also alert businesses to implement their travel reduction plans. Depending on the severity of the HPA, a larger portion of the population may begin to experience health effects. The ensemble forecast will provide additional details on the expected severity of the HPA as determined by the forecasts AQI.

az air quality alert

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