Walt Disney Film Promotes Military Satellites and Weather Control

Eyes in Outer Space 1959

Walt Disney Film Promotes Military Satellites and Weather Control

The 1959  Walt Disney production of “Eyes in Outer Space” was part of a series of short films, including “Man In Space,” “Man And The Moon,” “Mars And Beyond,” and “Our Friend The Atom,” exploring the world of the future.

Produced in cooperation with the United States Department of Defense, the film uses music and animation to speculate on the use of space satellite technology, along with a coordinated defense network, as a means to modify weather.


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Buoyed by an optimistic and fantastical belief in the possibilities of Rumsfeld Military Chemtrails Tankertechnology and space travel, the notion that we might be able to literally wage war on natural threats appeared both feasible and desirable. To emphasize this point, the film opens with a menacing sequence of natural disasters – from floods and hurricanes to tornadoes and lightning storms – destroying homes and cities.  Today, the Weather Channel provides the fear of natural disasters to millions of viewers on flat screen monitors and smart phones as envisioned by Disney’s military propaganda of 1959.

Considering the year was 1959, Disney’s advanced graphics convincingly portrays a futuristic array of satellites and space weapons as part of a comprehensive system of military weather control as addressed by President Kennedy.

It was envisioned that a host of weather-tracking satellites would enable the US military to predict weather patterns to plan coordinated attacks against nefarious natural phenomena months in advance.

Today’s world of covert geoengineering, chemtrails and electromagnetic and space weapons closely fits the 1959 vision presented in Disney’s film except that the war on natural weather has grown to include extinction level attacks on nature itself – including mankind.

Now that covert weather weapons are now realized as a nightmare rather than a dream, Disney’s film gives us a historical view of how State propaganda is used to condition a cultural bias in support of using military technology as a weapon to be used against the natural world. Chemtrails Planet

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