Bristol scientist says he’s ‘terrified’ of technology developed to stop global warming | Daily Mail Online

Are we playing God with Earth? Scientist admits he is ‘terrified’ of the technology being developed to stop global warming

  • Dr Watson from Bristol University says we should be wary of interfering with nature on a planetary scale – known as geoengineering
  • It involves changing our planet to counteract effects of climate change
  • Proposals include injecting water into the atmosphere to block sunlight
  • But Dr Watson, a leading scientist investigating such methods, says he is ‘terrified’ of what the technology could do to Earth
  • And it would also mean we have ‘failed as planetary stewards’

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One thought on “Geoengineering Scientist “Terrified” of Projects He Created

  1. Its not all about climate in fact its not about helping US at all “technology being developed to stop global warming” has nothing to do with it! Quite the opposite so this c^%t (Dr Watson from Bristol University) is full of it straight out of the gate!!!!!

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