Anti-Geoengineering Rally at Weather Channel Atlanta Jan 26 2015

Atlanta, GA USA – Helen from Georgia, has  gotten word that an event is being organized at 11:00 am Mon. Jan. 26th at Weather Channel headquarters at 300 Interstate North Pkwy. in the Cumberland Mall area. Cynthia McKinney has said she will be there to support us. We are assembling as large a group as possible to make a united show of concerned citizens about the increasingly erratic weather and the pathetic attempts by meteorologists to make this seem normal. We will have large professional signs and banners, literature and DVD’s to hand out to educate everyone we can to the massive problem of climate engineering. Can you plan to meet us there for whatever time you can give that day and please let others know of this event. I know it is a bit short notice but we had to work around Ms. McKinney’s travel schedule. Thank you, please share this with others you know who may want to attend.  Questions?.. You can find more information at

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  1. A long time friend who recently died…told me about chem trails back in05. We pointed out the difference..from condensation trails…since then when I see those trails and or big opaque stripes over head hiding and polluting our precious blue skies…I get a saddening feeling…were done …you cant undo the damage …fukoshima also…media is in on this…lve heard them lie on air…kind of makes me glad im dying off in a few years…but sad..sad..sad. for the younger generation..weve dropped the ball…its just the beginning…gods bless us

  2. It is insane that geoengineering the earth has escalated to the horrific levels it is currently at today. Yes Carlos, things look bleak, but remember the Lord helps those who help themselves- so even at this late hour I believe it is important for us all to unite against these crimes being committed and bring them to light. It is only because the cowardly perpetrators have hidden under the cloaks of stealth and deception that they have gotten along this far with their dastardly and demonic scheme. Humanity has been asleep at the wheel, too trusting and allowed ourselves to be duped- but people ARE waking up quickly and perhaps with ALL our efforts together we can yet lessen the damage in the final outcome. We must ACT so regardless! Come On Folks; The Force is With Us!!

  3. I wish I could join to show my support but sadly I wont be able to make it, just one word of warning; Malls are private land and they may try to arrest people for being on private land, Atlanta has long history of putting down protest.

  4. Check out Explore Science in National Geograpic Feb 2015. There one page of pics and a couple paragraphs and called “Contrails and Climate Change”. Speaking of lies in the Press! Even National Grographic. They all should be ashamed. This isn’t the first time in history that the public has been lied to by “well know scientists” spewing lies on behalf of large Corps. Was it not Lead that was safe for everything? Or was that asbestos?

  5. No matter what the media place in front of the people . There will be another to make it sound like a lie and the people will believe who is the favorite in the beginning.
    UFO’s , chemtrails, global warming .. The government will never just tell the truth.
    People living in fear is what keeps their pockets fat.
    Unnecessary wars that we…USA should not be a part of … Spending money we could be using for building our own economy. Yet , wars is the big ticket…

  6. 10 years ago I would not have believed this. Now I take pictures of it out my window, It is like they are taking 9-11 and rubbing our nose in it. Disgusting,. Are you happy Dick and Donald?

  7. Hello, I’m reporting back on the demonstration which took place at ‘The Weather Company’ headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. on Jan. 26, 2015. I’d say we had a respectable turnout of around 30-40 people considering the day was blustery and VERY cold. We lined the streets across from and around the building with several large 6’x8′ professionally produced billboards bearing the logo posted at the top of this article with the message ‘You’re Being Sprayed Like a Bug! Get Informed! and the website. True to her word former Rep. Cynthia McKinney was there in support of us and what a lot of fun and a great spirit she is! Legendary activist and producer of the ground breaking documentary films ‘What in the World and Why in the World Are They Spraying?’ Michael Murphy surprised us and flew in from Chicago! How awesome to get to finally meet him and have him stand with us!! Also alternative radio show host Jack Blood was there with his cute son who was a really great kid to hang with us all in the bitter cold. The event was well organized by Greg Pallen and Mary Lou Harris who attended to every detail, providing the professional banners and even a shuttle service to take us to and from the site location of the rally! We had a lady come all the way from Berlin, Germany and also a friend of Dane Wigington’s came in from Tennessee. Three great people traveled up from Savannah, Ga. , there were folks from Conyers, Cumming, and other localities all around the Atlanta area in a show of support against the weather warfare being waged against us all. A super nice lady from Texas who was working in the area with her husband brought power bars and bottled water for us all! The interaction between the activists was wonderful and we heartily THANK each and every person who came out for this most important event. Greg had his bullhorn handy and we had literature and DVD’s to hand out to whatever foot traffic we encountered. All in all I think it was a very productive effort- We made our point and we made our presence known! I’m sure there will be footage posted soon on the net for all to see. I must say I had a great time in spite of the cold and left for home feeling exhilarated at the end of the day . We now have the beginnings of a coalition of GREAT folks to converge again in support of anti-geoengineering for events in the future. Way to go everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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