Carbon Black Chemtrails Weaponized Hurricane Sandy and Katrina

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NASA Warned New York About Hurricane Danger in 2006

Scientists told us a storm like Sandy would be catastrophic. When will we listen? Mother Jones

” In other words, scientists say, the risk of the “rise of the oceans” is steadily going to increase. And when the next disaster happens, we’ll again realize that they told us so. Just like they did before Katrina, and before Sandy…and before the next big one, whenever it is.”

Not one corporate media story has yet appeared explaining how Operation HAMP – a project of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – was deploying tons of geoengineering aerosols over Sandy to modify intensity and direction.

Media silence is more evidence that perpetrators of eco-terrorism planned to Intensify and steer a tropical cyclone into the northeast USA.

Furthermore, If the HAMP program demonstrated the effectiveness of using aerosols to mitigate hurricane intensity, why were those “mitigating aerosols” not used on Hurricane Sandy?


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Chemtrails Carbon Black Melt Actic IceBelow is a stunning video (“Smokers”) posted on 12/17/2014 courtesy of revealing a program of spraying carbon black chemtrails from jet aircraft with apparent commercial airline livery and logos (paint-job). Dare we guess this is a desperate attempt by warmists at IPCC to raise the temperature of the upper level atmosphere to fool satellite data in order to support the failing evidence for global warming over the past 16 years?

joe-golden-mug-ams-logo-bJoe Golden (Formerly head of NOAA) presents Project HAMP to the American Meteorological Society in 2010 – two years before Frankenstorm Sandy.

Golden sounds almost gleeful when he announces that carbon black aerosols are found to increase hurricane intensity.

In his enthusiasm, we hear Golden almost make a public admission that carbon black aerosols were used to intensify Hurricane Katrina ! (Click Here)

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3 thoughts on “Carbon Black Chemtrails Weaponized Hurricane Sandy and Katrina

  1. Wow, Thank You for digging Deep, and finding this crucial information! I just heard this through word-of-mouth, but three years ago Our area, in N.CA, got ‘sprayed’ with black chemtrails, and Our Group heard that these specific black trails are filled with viruses!!? And who knows what else!? I Know ‘they’ ‘spray’ out certain insects, too > in 2014 I witnessed this with a different kind of aggressive black bee! We Continue to Share this info, and especially Pray for Protection, and for All Godly Wildlife, as well+

    1. We don’t know everything that’s in these black aerosols but reading the description makes it pretty obvious this is a climate change spraying operation.
      Also, a black aerosol cannot be debunked as a normal water vapor contrail. This fact makes it a game-changer.

  2. Another Chapter in Carbon Black chemtrails tankers comes from University of Colorado where esteemed hurricane forecaster – Dr. Bill Gray’s work is cited in the Air Force publication “Owning The Weather in 2025” –

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