GLOBAL WARMING BUSTED: Fleet of Jets Spray Black Carbon Chemtrails


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Chemtrails Carbon Black Melt Actic IceBelow is a stunning video (“Smokers”) posted courtesy of revealing a program of spraying carbon black chemtrails from jet aircraft with apparent commercial airline livery and logos (paint-job).

Dare we speculate this is a desperate attempt by the criminal climate cabal at IPCC to raise the temperature in the upper atmosphere to fool satellite data in order to support the failing evidence for global warming over the past 16 years?

As the dark aerosols descend to earth the ground-based thermometers could be expected to read higher temps as solar radiation heats the black carbon near the sensors.


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Original Video

Turkish Airines Flt. THY1969 departed Istanbul Araturk on 2/24/2014 at approx. 11:30.

The first images were recorded over Bulgaria with later clips over Germany, South Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

There are three essential components to this video:

  1. Individual scheduled flights emit narrow black chemtrails
  2. A fleet of “smokers” emit much thicker, denser black chemtrails, operating in formation with many jets executing full 180 degree turns. These aircraft were not transmitting ADS-B information therefore are not regarded as typical scheduled passenger flights.
  3. A fleet of scheduled flights flying in formation towards the Far East were noted with some emitting black trails of narrower size and other were “smokers” with huge black trails.

Boeing 737-800: “Smokers” Video Taken from Starboard window above the wing of Turkish Airines Flt. THY1969 (Airliners.Net)

Boeing 737-800 TC-JGY

6 thoughts on “GLOBAL WARMING BUSTED: Fleet of Jets Spray Black Carbon Chemtrails

  1. I saw the black spraying, flying out of Frankfurt.
    Jet went over us. Hideous.

  2. Shame on those who believe they can experiment on the population through poisining our atmosphere and thus our planet…you cant undo that damage…the earth will do what it does as it always has.. and man and his stupid insecure self will die off so mother earth can repair itself for the next bunch….

  3. have occasionally seen these jets fly over south tx emitting their black poisons– we are sprayed with the dirty white chemtrails on pretty much a daily basis down here-our blue skies are turned into dirty white overcast

  4. I have seen clouds similarly dark…do you suppose there is a connection?

    Sometimes….the clouds are brightly lit and then somehow they turn dark- usually after the sun has set…do you suppose the setting sun activates the particles?

  5. I live in Canada and I have noticed that the trails coming from aircraft are becoming more and more noticeable. Especially in the southern areas of Canada. The skies are also not a blue as they used to be in years past. If there is an orchestrated chemtrail program happening, it must cost a lot and who would be paying for it? Why would they keep it confidential? The atmosphere is definitely being polluted but are there other major climate issues occurring that have the powers that be deciding to take on this geoengineering chemtrailing to take action without having to consult the public? Strange times we live in.

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