Feb 5 2015 Phoenix Screening of LookUp Documentary Film on Geoengineering

“A special screening of the award winning documentary film on Geoengineering, “LookUp”, will be held on Thursday, February 5, 2015, 7:30 p.m. at the Harkins North Valley 16 Theater, 3420 E. Bell Road, Phoenix, Arizona. Tickets are available now by reservation at:  http://gathr.us/screening/10102
After the screening, an exciting panelist discussion & Q&A of one hour is planned.  The panelists are Dr. Dan Koontz of Healthy Habits in Phoenix, former Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson who was featured in the documentary, “Why In The World Are They Spraying” and Alexandra May Hunter, an environmental law specialist, researcher, analyst & anti-geoengineering advocate.

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3 thoughts on “Feb 5 2015 Phoenix Screening of LookUp Documentary Film on Geoengineering

  1. This is all a nightmare ! what can people do to stop this ? regardless if it has to be done ! If aircraft had never been invented yet , the climate will do what it does ! But it stands to reason because it’s so stealth , It it being used as a weapon ! I want it stopped . What is next ?

  2. We have a theater here in Sisters Oregon, That would intertain the idea of showing this,
    I would PAy for the advertising in the local sources, And we would be One step closer to full exposure, I also beleive that If we do not beat them to the exposure they will sell it as the golden chocolate bar, Some how opening the sheeples eye to the fact of most modern day health issues can be linked (and quite strongly) to elements that are right in the pateints that already exist.

    Where ready here

  3. Should it not be easy enough to expose the manufacturers of these chemicals, aka an audit. The resourses needed are mind boggling. someone is paying for this. These chemicals are being made, mined or whatever by somebody. Would these not be publically traded companies supplying this aliminum, barium,ethylene briomide, etc and how can they hide the trillions of dollars they are making to keep up this campaign. It is worse than 9 years ago when I first woke up to these criminal lines.

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