dutchsinse Hidden by the cover of night, beginning just after sunset on February 11 2015, a series of aircraft deposited multiple plumes of unknown substances over the entire Southern portion of Florida.

Live NEXRAD feed from Key West here:



Key West Naval Air Station at the very center of this RADAR display (where the RADAR is location) is NOT really covered by these aircraft.  Thus eliminating “military chaff” over the air station as the “cause” of these long lasting jet plumes.

Let’s not forget to mention the size of this aerosol release, covering multiple thousand square miles in less than a few hours with at LEAST 10 different jets.

We know these are jet aircraft due to their speed, and we know its not a “chaff” release to hide the base, since these aerosols were left across the State , then travel out to the Atlantic ocean (opposite direction of any military base in the USA).

key west naval air station cloud seeding military weather modification

Curious about cloud seeding?

(2hours) Dutchsinse interview on Bromance Radio… by dutchsinse




  1. I see them spraying at all hours of the night in Colorado and knowing one of the scientists involved in the creation of the program, they are doing it for their weather modification program. He quit the program in about 2005 because he disliked the “Direction” they were going with it.

  2. If “God” will not stop the beheading of those 21 Coptic Christians, believers in Him, lovers of Him, then I can not hold out much hope He will stop this , whatever it is they are spraying…measles, plague, weather stuff…who knows. Heart and mind is just not connecting anymore….

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