Carbon Black Chemtrails – Owning The Weather in 2025

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Chemtrails Carbon Black Melt Actic Ice1) This 1974 conceptualized sketch of inducing oil-based, carbon black aerosol emissions from an after-burner style jet engine (Fig. 3) is consistent with the current hypothesis that chemtrails are produced by introduction of aerosol compounds into the bypass stage of the more modern, high-bypass turbofan engine. (More)

In 1974, the preferred method to produce the carbon black aerosol trails was to insert a 6-foot section between the afterburner and propulsion nozzle (thrust) where oil would be injected to “provide the conditions necessary to produce carbon black at high yields”. (Page 173).

2) It’s highly significant that Dr. Gray’s 1974 elaborate study – in apparent response to NASA’s 1966 “National Weather Modification” initiative – is based on the advantages of heating the atmosphere with carbon black aerosols on a massive scale but is curiously devoid of any mention of CO2, Global Warming, rising sea levels or fear of climate change – even as the AGW fear-mongering was gaining media traction.

youtube-icon-square-66Video shows several carbon black chemtrail tankers in bold sorties with no concern about being noticed. (More)

♦ Occupational Safety and Health Guideline For Carbon Black Potential Human Carcinogen

Weather modification by carbon dust absorption by Bill Gray 1974