US State Vaccine Rights Update
Mon, Mar 16, 2015

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Fundamental Right to Decline Vaccines is in Jeopardy in Many States!
Join Washington, Oregon and Maryland in successfully defending the right to make informed, voluntary decisions about vaccinations.  Click On Your State Below NOW!   Legislative committees all across the country are considering bills to restrict the legal right to make voluntary choices about vaccinations but you can stop them. Whether you advocate for or against the use of vaccines, NHFA urges you to stand up for your right to be in charge of your family’s health care, including  making informed, voluntary health care decisions for yourself or your children and  choosing to use no vaccines, a few vaccines, or all government recommended vaccines.  Click on Your State Below NOW to tell your legislators that the right and responsibility for making medical intervention decisions for preventative care belongs to you!
Click on your State to OPPOSE These Bills:

California SB277, a bill to eliminate the personal belief exemption to vaccination requirements, is set for hearing on April 8 in the Senate Health Committee.  Read the bill and check its status here.  Take Action Here.

Illinois SB 1410 severely restricts religious exemptions to vaccination.   SB 1410 provides that parents or legal guardians who object to health, dental, or eye examinations or immunizations on religious grounds must present to the appropriate local school authority a Department of Public Health objection form, detailing the grounds for the objection and signed by the parent or legal guardian, as well as a religious official attesting to a bona fide religious objection whose signature must be notarized (instead of presenting a signed statement of objection detailing the grounds for the objection). Read the bill hereTake Action Here.
Maine LD 606, eliminates personal belief exemptions to vaccination. Current law allows exemptions because of a person’s philosophical beliefs from immunization requirements for students in elementary and secondary schools and postsecondary schools and employees of nursery schools and health care facilities. This bill removes those exemptions. The bill also directs the Department of Health and Human Services to remove any immunization exemptions because of philosophical beliefs from its rules.  Read the bill here.  Take Action Here.
Minnesota H.B.393/S.B 380 eliminates the conscientious belief exemption and replaces it with a restricted personal belief exemption .  H.B.393/S.B 380 would require a person to obtain a statement from a physician that provides immunizations verifying that the physician has reviewed with the parent or guardian, or the child if emancipated, information about the risks and benefits of the vaccines that is consistent with information published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Read the bill here .  Take Action Here.
New Jersey SB 1147, restricting religious exemptions to vaccinations, passed out of committee on March 9 and needs to be stopped from moving into the House. Read the bill here.  Take Action Here.
New Mexico HB 522 severely restricts religious exemptions to vaccination.   Read the bill here.  Take Action Here.
Oklahoma SB830, a bill to eliminate all non-medical exemptions to vaccinations, was introduced on March 02, 2015.  Read the billhere.  Take Action Here.
Pennsylvania bill to eliminate the philosophical belief exemption from vaccinations will soon be introduced.  Check back with NHFA to read the bill text once its posted.  Take Action Here.
Rhode Island  SB381 would eliminate religious exemptions to vaccination requirements.  Read the bill here.  Take Action Here.
Texas HB2006, a bill that would repeal conscientious and religious exemptions to vaccinations, was referred to the Public Health Committee on March 11.  Read the bill here.  Take Action Here.
Vermont SB87 would eliminate religious belief exemptions to vaccination and HB212 eliminates both religious and philosophical belief exemptions to vaccination.   SB 87 was read and referred to Committee on Health & Welfare on Feb. 12, 2015.  Read SB 87 here.  Take Action Here.
Vermont HB 266, requiring all school students, teachers, administrators, and staff to be fully vaccinated.   Read the bill here.  Take Action Here.
Additional bills relating to vaccination exemptions and immunization registries for you to support and oppose can be found at, here.Stand Up in Your State Today!  Schedule a face-to-face meeting with your representatives.  Find out who your Representatives are here.

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  1. People must make the connection between forced vaccinations and the elite’s efforts to microchip us all, an effort coming through these vectors:
    1. Forced Vaccinations
    2. Surgery in Hospitals
    3. Dental Surgery
    4. The Morgellons microorganism is being sprayed on all of us via chemtrails. It was created in a bioweapons lab using nanotechnology and is an electrical entity that must be detoxed or a person will get full blown Morgellons with its horrible itching open skin lesions, chronic fatigue, severe depression, colored synthetic fibers coming out of your skin, etc. When someone gets full blown Morgellons, they have been biologically microchipped, they are being turned from a human being into a microchipped slave, they are being turned from homo sapiens into a literal cyborg, a machine that can’t reproduce and which will be totally subservient to the New World Order via Voice to Skull Communication. This is not science fiction, and it is happening now- See the interview between Daniel Estalin and Magnus Olsson that was on Russia Today at this link Carefully examine this site.

    5. See this article of mine and the others in my archived e-alerts

    6. To sign up for my double opt in email distribution list go here and scroll down.

    Questions about protecting yourself from Morgellons via Detoxification? Call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific Time

    John C. Hammell, President
    International Advocates for Health Freedom/
    Sulfur for Health
    consultant to the Life Extension Foundation
    Chapter leader- The Weston A. Price Foundation
    Member- Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation
    Member- Hall of Honor- Freedom Force International

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