Rhode Island Legislature Initiates Prohibition Against Geoengineering

Alert Rhode Island HB 5480 Geoengineering Hearing 5/21/2015

Rhode island General Assembly headerThe Rhode Island legislature submitted HB 7655 in April 2014. The Bill was held for review and apparently died in committee. (Source)

The 2015 legislature submitted a new Bill – HB 5480 – currently being held for review.


The Public is invited to make comments on HB 5480 (Here)

HB 5480 is sponsored by Rep. Karen L. MacBeth and Rep. James N Mclaughlin 

JOHN IMBRIE, Professor of Oceanography, Department of Geological Sciences, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island may be associated with this Bill. Imbrie’s name appears as a reference in a 2003 articleChemtrails Smoing Gun – Proof of Global Geoengineering Projects(Source)

HB 5480 Introduced By: Representatives MacBeth, and McLaughlin
Date Introduced: February 12, 2015
Referred To: House Environment and Natural Resources



“Geoengineering Act of 2015.”
23-23.8-2. Definitions. — The following words and phrases as used in this chapter have the following meaning:

1) “Air contaminant” means soot, cinders, ashes, any dust, fumes, gas, mist, smoke, vapor, odor, toxic, or radioactive material, particulate matter, or any combination of these.

(2) “Air pollution” means presence in the outdoor atmosphere of one or more air contaminants in sufficient quantities, which either alone or in connection with other emissions, by reason of their concentration and duration may be injurious to human, plant or animal life, or cause damage to property or which unreasonably interfere with the enjoyment of life and property.


“Geoengineering” means activities specifically and deliberately designed to effect a change in the area climate, with the intent or purpose of minimizing or masking anthropogenic climate change, including global warning. Such actions may include, but are not limited to, the  following:

(i) Attempts to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; and

(ii) Solar radiation management or cloud whitening, or similar process whereby aerosols, particles, chemicals, gases, vapors, or other compounds are injected into the atmosphere to reflect a portion of the sun’s radiation back into space.


Geoengineering schematic

20 thoughts on “Rhode Island Legislature Initiates Prohibition Against Geoengineering

  1. No to Geo-engineering. No to Solar Radiation Management. No to polluting the skies with concentrated chemicals which fall to the earth and pollute the land and sea.

  2. This is the peoples chance to voice their opinions and concerns! Please get proactive people, today!

  3. This is your chance to voice your opinions & concerns. Please take full advantage of this opportunity now!

  4. As bad as these above the law these criminal spraying operations are Rhode Island is going about this the right way. We will back you in anyway we can. Our future is being taken away right out from under us. Enough of this criminality.

  5. Thank you for acknowledging this crime against humanity. I hope that more states come forward and stop geoengineering and chemtrails.

  6. Dear Representatives Mrs. McBeth and Mr. McLaughlin,
    Thank you for having the courage to present this bill against Geoengineering. In the name of my children and grandchildren I want to tell you that we are so proud of you!

  7. Please put a stop to these killers of all living things and put them away so they can never spray our skies with poison ever again!!

  8. I have been following these programs since the late 1990’s when they started in Europe and watched as our skies got more and more polluted and more and more covered. I am documenting tree decline and soil erosion here in North Carolina due to the chemical contaminants used in the aerosol spray and the 20% decrease in solar radiation . Please fight for our land, our air, our children and grandchildren. This program was developed under national security programs and was sold privately for experimentation and development. NASA, NOAA and the National Science Foundation are the front runners of this program. Hold their feet to the fire.

  9. thank you senators for your courage to take steps to stop this madness. In Central California, the skies are sprayed daily. Fir trees are dead on top with white trunks that have shoots coming out of them as they fight to survive. Pine trees are thick with cones as they struggle to preserve their DNA. Other varieties of trees have dead branches, even if they have been receiving water. The drought here is also engineered. The moisture is led northward with aluminum oxide keeping a high pressure system over us. The rain is chilled and manipulated down over the middle to eastern states causing them snow, hail, and flooding issues. Some towns are out of drinking water here, and a great portion of the water from the north get sent out into the ocean. The Delta Smelt minnows are placed ahead of human needs and farmers here who produce over 50% of the nation’s fruit, vegetable, and nut crops. Again, thank you for taking a stand against this crime.

  10. My name is Alexandra May Hunter and I support House Bill 5480. The people have the right to have any and all on-going or future geoengineering programs investigated by a neutral unbiased advisory board with full disclosure no matter who is or will be conducting these programs. This advisory board must include citizens. Civil society has a right to know what is or may be emitted into the ambient air, the air we all breathe and the air that all of nature requires for it to be prosperous. The potential risks and hazards regarding human health, the Eco-system, the legal implications thereto and the economy need to become transparent prior to any further contemplation or operation of these very risky programs. The national security of the United States and the state of Rhode Island must be taken into account and the people of this country are the most precious and valuable resource, hence the protection of the people is in fact protecting the national security of the United States and the citizens of Rhode Island. The general public are unaware of the risks associated with geoengineering, climate remediation, climate “intervention”, solar radiation management and weather modification programs. We the people, due to risks involved, require participation, review and oversight over these rules along with Environmental Impact Statements (“EIS”) for each proposed scheme. The state of Rhode Island’s duty is ongoing and continuous requiring the state to take into account & adjust to current conditions and act in light of changing circumstances & new information, so as to ensure adequate protection of the atmosphere for this & future generations.

  11. I am overjoyed to see the introduction of this bill into the legislature of the State where I live, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. I have watched the trails over these Providence skies for many years, as have many landscape painters, whose paintings will show many changes to the general skies from now since the late nineties, when this first appeared here. Indeed a global phenomenon, I am impressed, boldened, and intrigued by this Bill, thank you to our representatives for introducing this.

    I was called today to speak in favor of labeling Genetically modified products in our state on Thursday, and I hear after that is the hearing for medical marijuana. If Rhode Island chooses to be on the progressive side of these issues, we can discover the benefits of clarity for our skies, clarity around what we are eating, and tolerance for a medicinal herb. The original charter for our State allowed us to exist as a “lively experiment” in allowing complete freedom of conscience. While many of the original principles of this colony became generally accepted in time, I hope this Bill may sprout a frank global conversation about who has the right to make such vast decisions about the health of our planet.

    I urge our State legislature to approve this Bill; that we may never lose a beach day again to the obnoxious noxious clouds left by these mysterious planes.

  12. When I see real traction against these monsters in the form of HB5480, it gives me just a small but significant glimmer of hope where none existed before. These spraying programs quite obviously have less to do with saving the planet and more to do with massive depopulation, disaster capitalism (weather derivatives) and sickening of the people to enrich the corporations. Other agendas exist but none are legitimate in light of the known extreme toxicity of these aerosols to living organisms and ecosystems, which arguably trumps all other possible “agendas”. How the hell does Monsanto think it will profit off of it’s aluminum-resistant seed stocks if the social chaos resulting from geoengineers droughting out California’s breadbasket (and the rest of the whole west coast) obliterates the social order and forces mass migrations? We truly are witnessing the unconscionable rape of Mother Earth, while the vast majority of us stand idly by, frozen with horror and impotence.

  13. Your efforts are invaluable in giving credence to this terrible program. Keep up the good fight and hopefully this will start a snowball effect nationwide. MSM all but ignores this or supports the debunking. Certainly, it is not something anyone would want to believe. But here it is, and the world is waking up. Earth Day anti-geoengineering marches were carried out worldwide, including DC. My husband and I traveled 4 1/2 hours to attend one in NC. By in large, the people were supportive. Sadly, there were a number completely ignorant and then some outright deniers. This whole thing breaks my heart.

  14. I live in Ireland and the spraying that has gone on lately is worse than ever Its been stepped up big time in the last two months I have a very bad cough headaches red eyes and water running down my face day and night from my very sore eyes I want to live in a clean world were I can see the beautiful blue skies I grow up with To see my child grow up in a safe clean world I pray day and night that I live long enough to see know more of this evil in my world for the future of my child and all the children of our world I was in my garden the other day and look up in the sky I saw one plane than another and yet than another spraying our world with toxic chemicals I looked back into my kitchen I heard my daughter singing as she usually does as she is such a happy child I started to cry for my daughter and all the children in the world and said please God come down from Heaven and help us all Amen Thank you so much for making our world a better place

  15. Geoengineering is simply a cloaked Agenda 21 (depopulation) program. B. Gates, Monsanto and others involved in FUNDING these programs are, and will be making BILLIONS as the result of their thirst for CONTROL while advocating this technology. FOLLOW the MONEY! Let Trump place HEAVY Tariffs on China’s imported Aluminum as a start. CALL your representatives and DEMAND regulation of this DELIBERATELY-applied pollution sickening the planet. Trump is putting power back to the STATES. The only way we can fight is to use “STATE’S Rights” / 10th Amendment!! EVERY STATE must hear from it’s people to REGULATE/STOP GEOENGINEERING & 5G RF technology which works hand-in-hand with Chemical Aerosol spraying. Evil has scurried into America’s Science & Academic Communities promoting SICKNESS & DEATH, and lying about & hiding this information from the populace internationally)!!! I find Geoengineering & 5G technology unbelievably devious. These deceitful scientists are all the SAME, and are enriched by the puppet-masters!! What a shame we have to deal with this. BUT WE ARE! “STATE’S RIGHTS”: WE have the power to determine state-by-state what we want in our atmosphere!! ELECT only those who take a STAND against Geoengineering. IF they are unwilling to take a stand, DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM. SPREAD THIS KNOWLEDGE WIDELY. The squeaky wheel(s) gets the grease! Speak out and DEMAND your reps take a stand on H6011, “The Geoengineering Act of 2017”, the HB5480. CALL & SPEAK YOUR MIND. Have your friends & family do the same. It’s in WE, the people’s, hands!! http://www.zerogeoengineering(dot)com

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