Aircraft Fitted with Real-Time Atmospheric Sensor


Climate Modification Enhanced By Aircraft Fitted with Real-Time Atmospheric Sensor

Source: Chemtrailsplanet

Chemtrails Southwest Airlines Boeing 737- 12 inch

Southwest Airlines Video Uploaded on Dec 6, 2013

In a partnership between NOAA, ARINC (Rockwell Collins) and Southwest Airlines (SWA), sensors to measure atmospheric conditions have been installed in commercial aircraft owned by SWA.

The system employs a telemetry down-link to ARINC where the atmospheric data is re-formatted before forwarding to NOAA for the alleged purpose of “improved forecasting”.

Meteorologist for SWA, Rick Curtis said in the December 2013 video that the project began at least five years ago (circa 2008).

There is an obvious potential for this device to detect optimum water vapor conditions for the automatic release of aerosols (aka Chemtrails) without need for pilot involvement for the purpose of optimizing covert climate (warming) modification.

Since water vapor is the most plentiful and powerful greenhouse gas, real-time determination of relative humidity at flight level could increase the IPCC and Climate Mafia’s ability to apply increasingly effective aerosol dumps to hack and weaponize the global climate.


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