Visible Emissions From Only One of Two Jets at Same Altitude

Visible Emissions From Only One of Two Jets at Same Altitude

Source: Chemtrails Planet

Yanna Myrat Two jets and only One Contrail

There are no known atmospheric conditions that allow high-bypass turbofan engines from one aircraft to produce persistent water vapor contrails while the second aircraft –  at nearly identical altitude –  produces no visible emissions at all.

It is significant, however, that the covert team of climate change engineers have apparently achieved a normalized appearance in the gap between engine and the false contrail emissions.

A video dedicated to the tragic figures of ensconced or fearful silence.

To those who believe that silence is golden, the unbearable lightness of optimism that nothing bad will ever find them and their loved ones

In those whose allegiance to the system is an indisputable, irrefutable, irrevocable “must”

To those who choose the certainty and security of slavery, despite the magical adventure of living a free man

To those who own their dream ego, creates nightmares all

To those who betray as worthless commodity, what their most valuable given by Nature: The Humanity!

Source:  ALLNEWZ