Aircrap Billboard Atlanta GA

You're Being Sprayed Like a Bug - Billboard Atlanta GA Airport Area

Aircrap Billboard Atlanta GA – Greg Pallen: I am SO PROUD of everyone involved in helping to again “BRING THE NOISE” in Atlanta on Interstate 285 reaching 1,000,000 drivers per month ! THAT IS BIG ! I really like the fact that AirCrap does not have a DONATE BUTTON and I feel confident that they are in this fight without compromise….I also wanted to mention that the STOP THE SPRAYING page was created for anyone who wants to do a GoFundMe page to get a billboard up in their own city or town. We have to wake up the world to these crimes against humanity and QUICK !

From the aircrap team: Thank you Greg Pallen and everyone involved!!

Aircrap Billboard Atlanta GA

Aircrap billboard Atlanta GA

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  1. Where is the “Stop the spraying” page referenced above? We need a billboard in Indiana. Everyone here is in denial.

  2. THANK YOU !! It’s really heartening to see actions like these taking place in various areas around the world. Many people are waking up and becoming knowledgeable about what is happening in our skies and letting others know- AND THEY ARE RESPONDING! We CAN turn this mess around, and WE WILL. We have no other choice but to STAND IN DEFENSE OF THIS PLANET- Those carrying out or hiding these atrocities WATCH OUT- we WILL NOT let you get away with it.

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