Geoengineering Protests April 2015


Greg Pallen Kicking off our leg of the Global March in Atlanta today in front of CNN Center.


GAASP Sedona

Dr. David Keith is the worlds leading proponents for Climate Engineering and Aerosol Geoengineering, and admits Geoengineering is Pollution, and often points out the cost of Geoengineering the Earth with these aerosol programs is within the realm of small countries, large corporations, or even very wealthy individuals. David Keith has already received funding from Mr.Bill Gates! Wired – Bill Gates Funds Research Into Climate Hacking He has a new book called, “A Case for Climate Engineering.” He is president of Carbon Engineering—a start-up company developing industrial scale technologies for capture of CO2 from ambient air.Contact:Telephone: 403-775-6162. Website: