Max Bliss and Climate Change

Max Bliss Paris Climate Change Conference July 2015

The Sage of Quay Radio Hour Max Bliss is an independent researcher and activist and a very prominent voice in the climate change and geoengineering debate.

He was the keynote speaker at the first UK Chemtrail Conference in 2012.

Last year, Max Bliss attended the Berlin Climate Engineering Conference where his efforts, along with other activists resulted in the Berlin Declaration being scrapped. The Berlin Declaration if it had been approved would have resulted in a public license to begin experimental deployment of climate engineering technologies.

For this year, Max has already attended the San Jose and Cambridge conferences and will be presenting at the upcoming Paris session in July. All of the conferences are in preparation for the December UN Climate Treaty which if agreed to will result in a barrage of climate laws based on pseudo science and fraudulent claims in order to further implement a one world government system.

Max activism to stop geoengineering is non-stop and he is well known amongst the elite’s climate circles as someone they must contend with.

My conversation with Max was wide ranging and incredibly insightful as he discusses the players and inner workings of those pushing the agenda. The conversation starts with Max thanking everyone for their support and funds to help him attend the San Jose conference in February of this year (2015).

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