Send Terry to Paris Climate Conference July 2015

Send Terry to Climate Conference

Send Terry to Climate ConferenceI have been bringing awareness to climate engineering/Solar Radiation Management/Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering for over five years now.

Send Terry to Paris Climate Conference July 2015 – In that time I have done presentations, awareness days, got articles in mainstream newspapers and confronted the climate engineers on their own door step. Last August I attended the Climate engineering conference in Berlin and in March I attended the SRM science 2015 conference in Cambridge. At both of these conferences scientists and engineers presented their plans to take control of the earth’s climate as a supposed response to global warming. Plans included spraying millions of tonnes of sulphuric acid into the atmosphere and blocking incoming sunlight from reaching the earth. Myself and a handful of other climate engineering activists had a big impact on both of these events as we were the only members of civil society in attendance to oppose these horrendous programs.

This July I am hoping to attend the International Scientific Conference “Our Common Future Under Climate Change” in Paris, but I simply do not have the funds to make this possible. It is crucial that there are as many activists/public representatives as possible at this conference so that enough common sense is present to oppose this insanity. Plans to deploy climate engineering programs all hinge on the global warming/climate change hoax. This conference is a fore runner  to what will be a historic UN 2015 Climate Treaty in Paris in December,  where 500 climate laws will be announced, not to save the planet but to ENslave the planet

Yes the climate is certainly changing but it’s not the common man that’s causing it to change. It is being engineered to change by the climate forcing ruling elite so that they can take over every facet of our lives in the name of saving us from the problem they have created.

We believe they will also use the December treaty to make the big announcement to the world that they have the solution to solve the global warming problem, which will of course be climate engineering.

Time is running out and this conference will probably be the last chance we will have of stopping the criminal elites in their quest to legalise the engineered death of life on earth.

Terry Lawton