Texas Floods and Loss of Life Caused by Weather Weapons

Texas Floods and Loss of Life Caused by Weather Weapons

 Evidence Texas Flooding Caused by Aerosol Dumps and Weather Weapons.

By Harold Saive 5/27/2015

On 5/25 at approximately 1200 UTC, notice the explosion of aerosol dumps that persist through the timeline of Texas flooding. The dumps become more obvious as the front moves east and the dumps are seen migrating unnaturally to the “west” in the lower left of the aerosolized convection.

Several satellite images strongly suggest electromagnetic activity combined with strategic aerosol dumps energized a sudden release of catastrophic rainfall amounts over flooded areas of Texas. Notice the thumb-print clouds (electromagnetic gravity waves) and massive aerosol dumps to the left of frame.

5/24 http://1.usa.gov/1J3Gzx8
5/24 http://1.usa.gov/1cYrAbp
5/25 http://1.usa.gov/1J3Gl99
5/25 http://1.usa.gov/1cYrErP
5/26 http://1.usa.gov/1J3GwkR


Texas Oklahoma Storms Flooding Geoengineered Weather Warfare In Jade Helm Theatre – Jonah70757


Texas Floods and Loss of Life Caused by Weather Weapons



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  1. Isn’t it amazing …the Governor of TEXAS comes forward to protect the residents of his state as any TRULY elected LEADER should do… and WARNS and QUESTIONS………….
    JADE HELM OPPORATION’S ….Being Planed by the Illuminates…..Greed of this USA . INC..
    and his STATE and the INOCIENT PEOPLE have to be punished by death and disaster and bad weather created by the FAMOUS….GEO ENGINEERING….spraying that is intended to KILL PEOPLE on PURPOSE….Isn’t it wonderful to have such _ _ _ _ for leadership. … in our USA……You GREEDY Fools will fall just like those that you are trying rid from this earth….GOD…. and his GOOD will see to that…..just keep doing the work of the DEVIL….as you have been…….YOU WILL FALL and YOU KNOW THAT……SPRAY YOURSELVES…..leave the people alone…..WE WILL TAKE NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Texas Floods Geoengineered Via Chemtrails And HAARP

    TEXAS DELUGE: Was it a geoengineered weather event to enforce compliance with Agenda 21?

    Flood of the Millennium Hits Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Marcos and other Texas cities

    Major Metro Areas Paralyzed In Texas Just Before
    JADE HELM 15 Begins — A Coincidence?

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