Killers Chemtrails Aluminium – Mercury

Killers Chemtrails Aluminium – Mercury

No 1 Killer for Women- No 3 Killer for men. Chemtrails Aluminium, Mercury By YouTube chemtrail chemtrail

Published on May 18, 2015 

Killers Chemtrails Aluminium – Mercury

Massive Condemning Evidence Geo-engineers are Culpable. We all have mercury in our systems. Get a dose of nano particles of aluminium and you have the No. 1 killer for women – No 3 killer for men! Please watch to the end.

Life as you know it is changing even as you read this. It is changing forever. It is being deliberately executed with precision and will not end unless we intervene and expose it to the whole world, or, the new world order will win, and 80% of us will disappear!

Act if you love your family. Your wife, your child, your grandchildren.

FACT- Thousands in the last few months have already woken up. Massive things are happening now and this year.

Do your part in exposing this evil agenda, we have only months left. WAKE UP !

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  1. The fact that people are not falling over left and right, due to being systematically poisoned by this program, is why they have been able to get away with this for so long. This type of poisoning takes a while to actually kill people or debilitate them to the point where they might as well be dead. The maniacs responsible for this are a patient bunch.

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