The Sage of Quay Radio Hour Tonight Elana Freeland and Suzanne Maher return to the show. Chemtrails: War Zone Earth – Elana Freeland – Suzanne Maher

Elana is the author of the hard hitting book Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth. Elana’s book explains how the “Revolution in Military Affairs” needs an atmospheric medium to assure wireless access to the bodies and brains of anyone on Earth in order to control the world and thus humanity.

Suzanne is a Canadian based geo-engineering activist. She took her activism to the Toronto subway system where here geoengineering placards inside the trains were high profile and highly successful… so successful in fact that the quote / unquote “authorities” notified Suzanne that her once approved campaign was no longer approved and forced a shut down of the program.

Both Elana and Suzanne manage and run popular Facebook sites. Elana’s having the same title as her book and Suzanne’s is called “Bye Bye Blue Sky”. The links for both sites are in the show notes below.

Our discussion was wide ranging as we talk through how the military is using the aerosol program to militarize the planet in an effort to lock down and control humanity.

Bye Bye Blue Sky:
Elana’s Facebook Site:
Buy Elana’s book:

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Chemtrails: War Zone Earth – Elana Freeland – Suzanne Maher

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