New Film – Unconditional Shade of Grey

“An UNconventional Shade of Grey is a call to action film that addresses chemtrail/geoengineering films in relation to our changing climate and global warming legislation. “An UNconventional Shade of Grey will also outline specific plans to take legal and legislation action to get these programs stopped immediately. For more information and to pre-order film, go to:

Millions are now aware of these ongoing crimes against humanity and assaults to the planetary environment. Because of the hundreds of partnerships that were formed to help fund the production of both documentaries “What in the World are They Spraying?” and “Why in the World are They Spraying?” people everywhere are awakening to the horrors of global geoengineering damage and chemtrail poisoning.

Producer Michael Murphy’s goal is to fund his new project with the same opportunity and have an even larger impact on waking people up to take action towards getting these destructive programs stopped. Internet video sites such as YouTube and Google Video have become powerful platforms for breaking the media cartel’s monopoly over public information. Through these channels, countless truthseekers are now exposed to truth that is blacked out in the corporate media.

This has undoubtedly slowed down the progress of the establishment, and it will play an increasingly important role in the battle for the minds of the public in the days ahead. Visit the new website: to find out what you can do to take part in this important project.

Also, please consider supporting Michael Murphy’s trip to Paris for the climate change meeting through GO FUND ME:.

We will be using our knowledge and video footage to make the next film successful in bringing knowledge for direct action in getting these programs stopped. Thank you all again for your support in making this historic event a reality. “Keep looking up!!!!” – Michael J Murphy

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  1. What court is going to hear our argument against geoengineering and stop it? The Bilderberg Group controls all courts and I doubt very much that they will allow any anti chemtrail lawsuit to go anywhere. I bought an advance copy of this film, and support it, but it bothers me that so far at least the film contains nothing at all about detoxification aven though Michael Murphy protects himself by ingesting organic sulfur and is one of my sulfur wholesalers. We are all undergoing a massive biological assault right now, and we are not powerless to protect ourselves. There is a lot of information in my archived e-alerts about detoxification and they can be seen here If you want to sign up to receive them, you can do that here scroll down for the sign up menu. To protect yourself go to

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