Aircraft Spraying Toxic Aerosols Originating From Fairchild – Offut AFB

Aircraft Spraying Toxic Aerosols Originating From Fairchild - Offut AFB

Report by William Mount, PhD – Jun 21, 2015

Dr. William Mount mugThe 60th Air Wing out of Fairchild AFB (Spokane, WA) and an Air Wing out of Omaha Nebraska (Offut AFB) are spraying us with Aluminum, Beryllium, Mercury, Viruses, Fungi, Bacteria and Parasites to both kill us, change our DNA and make us sick.

Personnel from the 60th Air wing are reportedly becoming ill due to the toxic chemical aerosols.


3 thoughts on “Aircraft Spraying Toxic Aerosols Originating From Fairchild – Offut AFB

  1. We are not powerless to protect ourselves via detoxification. Organic Sulfur contains 16 electrons in it’s outer shell. There are very few things it won’t chemically combine with, and since its a mineral that must exit the body, it’s perfect for chelating all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails which it pulls out of the body so they can’t hurt us.

    The incidence of early onset Alzheimer’s has increased dramatically due to billions of tons of Aluminum oxide being sprayed on us, and the incidence of cancer has also increased due to all the barium, strontium, cobalt, and arsenic being sprayed. We’re being sprayed with molds, viruses, toxic chemicals such as ethylene dibromide.

    We’re being sprayed with weaponized parasites that comprise Morgellons disease, but we’re not powerless to detox. See info in my archived e-alerts at and sign up to receive them at See info at on detoxification.

  2. Everyone breathing air should be up in air about the poising of the populaces. So if everybody in the WORLD would fight these 200 members of the Illuminati and skull and bones who are so stinking rich and think they can get away with this planed poising of humanity, they have another think coming. I cannot do this by my self, call your senators and voice your opinion and raise heck with these culprit’s. this is no game! these people are the worst, and they themselves should be ashamed at what they are doing. I want to know who made them god. “GOD” is the giver and taker of life not mankind. So if everyone would get on there knee’s and PRAY for the end of this gene-aside the world would be as GOD created it. thank you

  3. The aluminum is actually a compound mixed in the sky – called aluminum Triflate.

    It is made from fluorine, then a barrier of sulfur oxide, then aluminum in the middle of the molecule.

    Add 14 years of accumulative spraying and call it Canadian forest fires.

    Then add an EMP to every water tower to knock down buildings. Or just add them to cell towers to “shock and awe” people. Triflate is shaped like a one-shot fusion reactor.

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