Geoengineering Poisoning the Planet with Aluminum – Coal Fly Ash

Geoengineering, Aluminum and Alzheimer’s: The Four Horsemen of the Weather Apocalypse

Geoengineering Poisoning the Planet with Aluminum – Coal Fly Ash

Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity and Earth’s Biota by Clandestine Geoengineering

Update: J. Marvin Herndon Ph.D. interview

Source: PR Newswire, article by Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.

Geoengineering Poisoning the Planet with Aluminum – Coal Fly AshSAN DIEGO, June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — In a scientific article in Current Science (Indian Academy of Sciences), San Diego geoscientist, J. Marvin Herndon discloses: “Globally, for the past decade or  more, with dramatically increasing intensity, our planet is being deliberately and clandestinely exposed to a non-natural substance which releases toxic mobile aluminum into the environment .… But there has been no public admission, no understanding, no academic investigations, no informed consent, and no disclosure as to the nature of the toxic substances being dispersed into the air.”

Geoengineering Poisoning the Planet with Aluminum – Coal Fly Ash

Toxic Spray Trails over San Diego

Observations described with pictures: “Since the spring of 2014, I observed the common occurrence of toxic geoengineering trails in the lower atmosphere (troposphere), which mixes with the air we breathe, was increasing in frequency. By November 2014, the spraying from tanker-jet aircraft had become a near- daily occurrence, sometimes to the extent of causing the otherwise blue sky to be completely overcast with artificial clouds. Disturbingly, San Diego’s Mayor and Chief of Police issued  no  health  warnings,  even  to  the  most  at-risk  members  of  the  community:  children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with compromised immune and respiratory systems.”

Disclosed: “Coal burning by …. electric utilities, produces heavy ash that settles out, as well as fly ash that formally went up the smokestack into the atmosphere, but is now captured and stored because  of its well-known adverse human health effects and damage to the environment.… Water leaches out toxic elements.”

Scientific evidence, later confirmed and extended, reveals that coal fly ash is the toxic substance being sprayed over humanity: In “… a side-by-side comparison of aluminum to barium (Al/Ba) weight ratios of rainwater and coal fly ash leachate … the range of Al/Ba values are virtually indistinguishable…. Similarly … the range of … strontium to barium (Sr/Ba) weight ratios of rainwater and coal fly ash leachate … are virtually indistinguishable.”

Geoengineering Poisoning the Planet with Aluminum – Coal Fly Ash

Blue Sky Overcast with Toxic Spray

Further: “Such clandestine geoengineering activities exposed humanity and Earth’s biota to highly mobilized aluminum, a toxic substance not generally found in the natural environment and one for which no natural immunity had evolved. During the period of coal fly ash utilization for clandestine geoengineering, aluminum-implicated neurological diseases experienced explosive growth profiles, including autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD, and others, as well as manifold destruction of plant and animal life. Highly mobilized aluminum from the geoengineering-dispersed coal fly ash, I posit, is the cause.”

Moreover: “After U. S. President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in for a second term in office, 20 January 2013, geoengineering activities escalated sharply, becoming a near-daily occurrence in many parts of America. If … coal fly ash geoengineering activities are the principal cause of aluminum-implicated neurological diseases, then there will be a sharp spike in their occurrences after January 20, 2013; proof, albeit horrific proof, of crimes against humanity and Earth’s biota of a magnitude and severity never before experienced.”

Herndon, J. M. Current Science, 25 June, 2015

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Coal ash, the toxic remains of coal burning in power plants, is full of chemicals that cause cancer, developmental disorders and reproductive problems. It poisons our water and kills fish and wildlife.

But despite the threat, both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the White House have done little to protect the waters we drink from coal ash contamination.

Geoengineering Poisoning the Planet with Aluminum – Coal Fly Ash

Geoengineering Poisoning the Planet with Aluminum – Coal Fly Ash

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  1. Thank you for this most informative post on the dangers of coal fly ash. It does not surprise me that they would also be spraying this into our atmosphere in order to dispose of it- it only enrages and disgusts me. It is encouraging to see some positive action begin to take place with regards to halting this criminal behavior on the parts of both large corporations and government agencies. I hope it is in enough time to make a difference in cleaning up our now contaminated and toxic world. I hope the planet can regenerate itself and all life that is being destroyed by unchecked greed, malice, and ignorance. God Bless all who are trying to help this once beautiful planet. Thank you for all of the excellent information you bring to our attention aircrap.

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