Climate Change Conference Paris 2015-Day 3-Activist Discussion

Climate Change Conference Paris 2015-Day 3-Activist Discussion

July 10, 2015 – And so the climate conference comes to an end. The sessions were very controlled, repeating the mantra that we’re all going to die from global warming unless we all pay craploads of carbon taxes. The Alan Robock talk was a scant ten minutes, and he wouldn’t take my question. When I chimed in “what about the health effects” he refused to address it in the session. My BFF Ken Caldeira had an equally short talk and wouldn’t take my question either.  After the session, I asked what he thought of my paper – and he responded by turning his back on me and scurrying away. No matter, what counts is the incredibly positive response I got from my paper. All but a handful of the 700-ish people I gave it to were both curious and eager to read it and people kept coming up to me to thank me for bringing it to them and the conference at large. Sure, plenty of them weren’t convinced that the program had already been deployed, but all agreed it was a very bad idea to spray millions of tons of poison in our skies. They were also shocked at the mortality data – respiratory failure overtaking stroke as the third leading cause of death – and all the questions I was asked were based on science. Good thing I was a physics major.

And once again, my deepest gratitude to everyone who helped get me here – I couldn’t be here without you. I’m also humbled by your kind words and moral support.

Thank you all!

Climate Change Conference Paris 2015-Day 3-Activist Discussion

Olga Raffa, Max Bliss Alexandra May Hunter, Terry Lawton and Michael J Murphy

3 thoughts on “Climate Change Conference Paris 2015-Day 3-Activist Discussion

  1. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all you do and i pray that we can win this so my 3 kids and everyone else can have a future.

  2. Why was there no discussion whatsoever of Morgellons or Transhumanism by the activists? That is the real reason for Chemtrails. The intention is to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs. This is being done by a combination of genetically engineered foods, eletromagnetic radiation from HAARP, cell phones, GWEN towers, vaccines, and chemtrails. We are all being sprayed with weaponized parasites that we’re inhaling, and they are altering our biology to turn us into a different species. See The elite aren’t going to stop this evil agenda, so I wish people would talk about detoxification since we’re not powerless to defend ourselves.

  3. Many Thanks to our team for these very important efforts made at the UN Climate Conference. I hope many eyes were opened and dots began connecting for the scientists participating from around the world with whom you spoke. Thank you also for this most informative video film footage of your interactions there. Very impressed with your dialogue and performance there. You all were shining the light of truth for others to begin to see. I am sure you made serious impacts with those who have critical thinking abilities and common sense at the meeting. I cannot express fully the profound pride, gratitude, and love I feel for each one of you for your bravery and integrity in addressing these issues on behalf of ALL of PLANET EARTH and her INHABITANTS and speaking up for us at this venue. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

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