Debriefing – July 2015 Paris Climate Conference

Debriefing – the July 2015 Paris Climate Conference   Michael Murphy & Max Bliss

Our Communist Future Under Climate Change  – forcing governments with bribes, economic sanctions to go along with geoengineering based upon false data.

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Tonight my very special guests are Max Bliss and Michael Murphy.

Michael and Max are two of the most empowering voices in the on-going effort to stop Geoengineering.

Both gentleman along with colleagues from across the world recently attended this month’s United Nations climate conference which took place in Paris, France. This conference along with the previous conferences held earlier this year in California and Copenhagen are attempting to set the stage for the December UN meeting where the wheels will be set in motion to legalize geoengineering and the enactment of over 500 climate laws as part of the elite agenda to implement a one world government.

In this discussion Max and Michael will offer their thoughts and perspectives on the progress being made to halt the geoengineering programs along with the challenges still ahead of us.

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Michael Murphy & Max Bliss - Debriefing The July 2015 Paris Climate Conference

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  1. Thanks to all of the team for an incredible effort. We are so proud of you for educating scientists around the world and others to the reality of what is really taking place. Kudos to everyone for their professionalism and brilliance in Paris on our behalf.

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