HAARP Weather Warfare Full Spectrum Dominance with Elana Freeland

A 43 minute you tube. Elana Freeland talks to Sean Stone about the military’s C4; Command, Control, Communications and Cyberwarfare, “full spectrum dominance”.


They also discuss Elana’s new book about the “space fence” a global instrument creating a lock down of the planet,  the upcoming Climate Conference in Paris in December, 2015 wherein they will rubber stamp their geoengineering programs, the deliberate droughts in California and weather experiments on the east, weather derivatives and disaster capitalism, AI and the Jade Helm exercise, mind control and the “hive mind” and more.

One thought on “HAARP Weather Warfare Full Spectrum Dominance with Elana Freeland

  1. What is happening is completely consistent with the poisoned, delusional logic of patriarchal, ie. male dominant society. These are political matters. To call them “spiritual” is unnecessary. The need for radical ecofeminist analysis screams out at us. And Elana as a woman you should become conscious of this. You are studying “these guys.” So, what is it about these groups of guys that makes them so insane and delusional?? I have some thoughts…

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