Dutchsinse – Large Microwave Energy Pulse Hits Planet Earth Destroys Storm


3 thoughts on “Dutchsinse – Large Microwave Energy Pulse Hits Planet Earth Destroys Storm

  1. Article published yesterday shows NASA feed of ufo sending some kind of blast toward earth… could this be it?
    Web site was Peaceful Warrior, article is “Alien Warship” on Nasa Feed Spotted Blasting Earth with Plasma Ray.

  2. So was this damaging? This HAARP or? Did it take much needed rain from New Zealand? As in California because our drought has been created by the manipulation of chemtrails and energy pulsing. I suppose they will want to buy all the real estate for a song at some point. This information needs to be more publicly shown like instead of a weather station a daily report on the effect of these things as well as chemtrail manipulation of weather station. Maybe somebody will wake up the general population with an official reporting channel on this and other subjects related as shown on WordPress. Thank-you for bringing this information out.

    1. Comments on Dutch youtube: “Im from Auckland New Zealand and the other day me and my son felt the heavy air and we could hardly breath.”

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