Scott Stevens – Weatherman

Scott Stevens - Weatherman

Scott Stevens – Weatherman

Published on Sep 6, 2015
 A massive chemtrail “op” is underway across the West, again… We’ll look at it in the visible, IR and waver vapor spectrum and speculate as to the eventual purpose, meteorologically.

Help me fund Scott’s Cloud Tour so that I can travel the country doing presentation, additional geoengineering research, and further educate newsrooms and other weather professional about what has already happened to our skies above. How can I help?

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Once two hundred people follow through, of the nearly 3,000 Facebook friends I have and more than 4,000 YouTube subscribers choose to participate I will be able to get some broadcast gear I will be able to get the gear to do a five day a week weather show.  But more importantly the funds will grow, while in BitCoin, I will be able to begin traveling the country meeting you, talking with you, and spreading this awareness so that a global tipping point can finally be crossed.
This was my single goal some ten years ago.…