America Once the Beautiful
Published on Sep 9, 2015 | 

Using that familiar America the Beautiful melody, J Marvin Herndon, PhD, a chemtrail researcher, wrote amazingly poignant lyrics and called his song “America Once the Beautiful.” I call Herndon’s masterpiece the “chemtrail fight song as it suits all countries today.” Please enjoy it sung by the beautiful voice of Kate Magdalena Willens.

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J. Marvin Herndon
September 2 at 6:52pm

Immediately after I published the first paper in the scientific literature with evidence pointing to coal fly ash as the main component being sprayed into the air we breathe in the US and in other nations, the forces of deceit were quick to respond. The Editor of Current Science received a demand for retraction accusing me of a host of indiscretions, including but not limited to the following: “unreliable date” from “non-scientists”, “It is obvious these data were fabricated.” “complete ignorance of the physics of contrails” “The general tone of the article is strange, and inadequate for a scientific article.” “The article uses very low quality, unscientific references, such as various conspiracy theorist web sites and their unreliable data.” “Reading the entire paper, it is clear that Dr. Herndon’s goal is to spread a known conspiracy theory called ‘chemtrail conspiracy theory’, while providing completely invalid and unscientific evidence for it. This conspiracy theory has no scientific basis, and it is pure fabrication.” The Editor asked me to respond in writing, which I did, but it did not get published as the individual making the complaint, or his supervisors, refused to allow his remarks to be published.

Now the forces of deceit have struck again and successfully caused my second paper on coal fly ash, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health to be retracted; I was never provided a verbatim copy of the complaint received. While in certain respects this is a setback, it is a clear indication of their fear of discovery of their heinous secret, the insidious spraying of the toxic-nightmare that is coal fly ash. And there will be additional evidence of toxic coal fly ash being sprayed into the troposphere; some additional evidence is already in hand, some is being analyzed, and some is in the process of being obtained.

I have no doubt that at some point there will be litigation, civil and/or criminal. Remember this: Deceiving people about the health risks of the ongoing toxic geoengineering activity clearly makes accomplices of those who deceive, including their corporate officers, and their corporate directors. Legal action, I submit, should include all those officials, should deprive shareholders of ill-gotten gains, and should cause the corporation to be debarred from receiving federal contracts.