Senate Bill 277 is setting a dangerous precedent by removing medical consent from California school children in 2016. Recently, parents of special needs children are facing a desperate reality as the language and positions given in the bill along with legal advisors are foreshadowing an authoritarian nightmare.

Injection by Court Order

The Orange County Department of Education Legal Division has sent around a briefing to their school superintendents, directors and nurses attempting to answer some common questions about SB277. Of concern are the way special education students relying on the Individualized Education Program  (IEP) will be treated under SB277. A disabled child is required to have an Individualized Education Program for the purpose of helping that child reach their educational goals more easily given their unique challenges. Social interaction and the IEP are essential components allowing special education students to thrive in life.

The Orange County Department of Education’s Legal Division has officially given these marching orders the its district’s educational directors:

“Our office interprets this provision as meaning that special education students
must be enrolled even if they are not vaccinated, but that special education
students are still required to be vaccinated and the parents of the special education
students need to comply with the provisions of Senate Bill 277. The language of
Senate Bill 277 does not specify any penalties or remedies if parents refuse to
vaccinate their children. However, school districts may, if necessary, after
advising parents in writing of the legal requirements of Senate Bill 277, contact
the Orange County Health Care Agency for assistance or seek a court order
ordering parents to vaccinate their children.”

These statements are concerning on many levels. When the words “court order ordering parents to vaccinate their children” is given as an option by a legal services division, the public must take immediate notice.

The larger issue appears to be that California school districts, by way of their legal counsels, are being directed to file count orders against parents of special needs children on IEP’s in 2016. These court orders would essentially trump the unvaccinated special needs child’s legal right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) under the U.S. Department of Education’s requirements under Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Finally, it is a fact that autistic children are being recovered through detoxification regimens, the rebalancing of the gut flora, other many other synergistic modalities. A common finding is pointing to the child’s “autism-like” symptoms manifesting more from toxic overload rather than a genetic deficiency. Children with “austim-like” symptoms being recovered should not be mandated, by anyone’s directives, to take on a further toxic burden through vaccinations that potentially contributed to their “autism-like” diagnosis and special needs calcification in the first place.

With the signing of Senate Bill 277 by California Governor Jerry Brown, politics will now come before your child’s medical freedom in 2016. As the bill is set to take effect, a scramble is on to repeal legislation appearing to have been pushed by heavy pharmaceutical influences. Parents are angry and seeking answers. Solutions can still be seen for those that still believe in medical ethics, informed consent and freedom over their own body.


It is essential that all California parents that believe in medical freedom file a personal belief vaccine exemption before the January 1st deadline. This is the only method know at this stage to grandfather a waiver during your child’s 2016 school year.

The SB277 referendum is in full swing grabbing massive attention and signatures to pose a potential threat to the bill. Please visit SB277 to lend assistance and find out more.

As a final option, parents of children and adults should always require the doctor or nurse that is doing the actual vaccine injection to be liable for damages by signing a form. This has a two fold purpose of putting the medical professional’s “skin in the game” and educating them on facts they may be unaware of.

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