Elevated Radiation Readings Found in Florida AC Filter

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Elevated Radiation Readings Found in Forida AC Filter

Elevated Radiation Readings in Gainesville, Fl |

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Elevated Radiation Readings Found in Forida AC Filter

On September 24, a test was performed to measure surface radiation contamination accumulated on the surface of an air conditioning filter that had been in service for 90 days.

The filter tested was an Aprilaire Model 2200 and all measurements were determined using  an Inspector Alert Surface radiation contamination monitor, Model AI-V2.

The first 10 minute test was performed on a brand new filter to determine the particle decay rate (CPM) on a surface not contaminated by prior service as an air conditioning filter.

A second 10 minute test was performed on a filter surface following 90 days of normal operation from mid-June through Mid-September, 2015 .

The new filter measured a 10 minute rate of 308 counts or 31 counts per minute while the used filter reported a 10 minute rate of 714 counts or 71 counts per minute – more than twice the decay rate of the new, uncontaminated filter.

Although 71 CPM is under the radiation warning rate of 100 CPM the test reveals hidden radioactive contamination can be insideously introduced into the breathable household atmosphere.

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As reported in the article, “High Radiation Detected in L.A. Rain” hot rain was detacted in the western Los Angeles basin multiple times with the highest registering 3.3 times background levels. The California Highway Patrol considers any substance radiating more than three times background hot enough to trip its Hazardous Materials protocols. Those emergency measures include suiting up personnel in impermeable outfits with ventilators.

Those precautions were not evident in the greater Los Angeles as the storm drenched thousands of people caught unawares of the impending storm. High levels of beta radiation in rain are especially of concern when children and pregnant women are exposed to the hot water which can cause blood cancers, including leukemia, and a host of ailments introduced courtesy of the Atomic Age.

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