New York Hit by Earthquake

New York Hit by Earthquake

New York hit by Earthquake

+ Arizona VOLCANIC Activity Showing

Published on Sep 27, 2015


East coast + West coast , be on watch.

A very rare earthquake struck Eastern New York after well over a year without any noticeable activity.…

This East coast earthquake was forecast to occur 2 days ago in the most recent earthquake forecast .. see the forecast here:


In addition to the East Coast / New York earthquake, another very interesting series of events struck Arizona and NW Nevada / Northeast California at multiple very old volcanoes.

Specifically, a swarm of earthquakes has developed near the San Francisco Volcanic Field located in Central Arizona which draws interest.

Full website post on the Arizona Volcanic earthquakes here:…

The reason this location in Arizona stands out (aside from this earthquake swarm) is the previous STEAM PLUME which appeared on visible satellite back in June (3 months ago)… seen coming from the San Francisco Volcanic Fields.

To see a steam plume followed by an earthquake swarm at a volcanic field that has been dormant for nearly 1,000 years is something that CANNOT be overlooked, or dismissed as ‘chance’.

The original volcanic steam plume report I made was mocked and ridiculed by the media, and dismissed by professionals without anyone even investigating! Now here we are, within a few months of the steam plume, and we see rare earthquakes strike near the plume location at San Francisco Volcanic Field.