Breaking News October 3 2015

Breaking News October 3 2015 – Umpqua Oregon Shooting False Flag

President to Stay Take Over and Stay in Power  Forever – Comments Made After Oregon Shooting

President original video on take over, conspiracy theories 

Oregon Mass Shooting Another False Flag To Hide Real News

Overheard at Pentagon: “Right now we are Putin’s prison bitch”.

Air Force Academy Candidates go to Russia to learn the language….

Oregon Shooting Hoax – Hero BUSTED!!!

Hero shown in Fox News feed after shooting, hero in hospital bed, not a scratch after surgery (shot 10 times), hero and lady in pix giving Satan’s “El Diablo” Hand Sign.

Oregon Shooting Drill Hoax

A mother of one of the students at the Oregon community college gives an “unscripted” interview with Bill O’Reilly. Son is trained in firearms and “I have not heard anything”.