Compulsory Adult Vaccines in California

Compulsory Adult Vaccines in California

Compulsory Adult Vaccines in California  –  Just the Beginning 

Filed with Secretary of State  October 11, 2015

Compulsory Adult Vaccines in CaliforniaGov. Jerry Brown has signed SB 792 a bill to further strengthen California’s mandatory vaccine laws by requiring that adults who work or volunteer at day care centers be vaccinated. A violation of the act is a crime.

The Democratic governor announced Sunday that he approved a bill requiring day care centers and day care homes to maintain immunization records proving their workers and volunteers have been vaccinated for the flu, pertussis and the measles.

VLA Warning: “This is a first in the nation bill that gives power to the state to mandate vaccines for adults. This is just the beginning of compulsory adult vaccinations as well as a precedent setting law for forced medical treatments such as psyche drug implants for the supposed mentally ill; forced chemotherapy for children against the parents will and whatever the medical mafia decides what is profitable”.

–Eileen Dannemann, founder


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2 thoughts on “Compulsory Adult Vaccines in California

  1. Absolutely wrong! There is no real reason to do this! It doesn’t make any one safer from illnesses and it’s taking away our rights to make decisions for ourselves. It’s outrageous that this is being mandated!

  2. The measles don’t kill; the vaccine CAN and HAS. The vaccine (supposedly) confers a 10-year immunity; a case of the measles gives you a lifelong immunity. Nor is “our government” about to check to see anyone HAS the immunity – they’ll just jab everybody to collect the fees. What does THAT tell you about their priorities? The human body is made such that under a never-ending assault from invading would-be pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms it destroys almost all of them before they ever get the chance to hijack the body’s own resources in order to reproduce themselves. In essence, we make our OWN vaccines, but what our bodies make is far more efficient and long-lasting – so much so that we’re rarely even aware that we’ve fought off a potential infection! This is what our immune systems are FOR, and our bodies don’t then also have to deal with the backwards logic of cumulative poisons like ethyl mercury to “knock down the immune system” so the vaccine works better! These “adjuvants” have killed over-vaccinated infants, and are known to have caused ADD, autism and other neurological and immunological problems, which cannot happen with just our own body’s immune system reactions. I think the real “problem” is that our immune systems don’t pay use-fees to Big Pharma every time they fight off an infection!

    Everything Big Pharma has done and is doing to vaccinate EVERYONE against everything but housemaid’s knee – including all the lies and fake research, it also throws a lot of doubt onto their claims of efficacy. When they are perfectly willing to risk the LIVES of so many infants in order to vaccinate them against a nonfatal, usually just mildly uncomfortable childhood disease that does NOT kill, we MUST question their priorities – and everything else about vaccines! Their priorities are badly skewed to say the very least, as are their ethics. As for morals, they appear to have none. I think America needs to take a good hard look at Big Pharma’s putative “research” showing that vaccines confer any immunity at ALL.

    With so many lies, and then tricks like going around the public (which is in itself very telling! Americans are NOT stupid; taking REASONABLE actions to prevent diseases is not beyond the reach of our intelligence), and making vaccinations a legal requirement, especially with this refusal to consider waivers for people who will almost certainly DIE from these injections, I believe it’s high time we gave the entire “science” behind vaccines another good, HARD look! With the chance to have a direct line into the life-blood of the American economy like this, I think the Big Pharma corporations have gone ethically and morally blind! Such a law is too much like handing a giant straw and the keys to every blood bank in town over to a coven of vampires… Hmm… Yes, that’s a singularly appropriate simile, I think. Corporations exist in the first place TO MAKE A PROFIT, and they are notoriously amoral about it! The fact that they’re so willing to KILL an unspecified number of people to make this huge, windfall of profits legally mandatory no matter who or how many are killed by this requires a much closer look ASAP, AND by a disinterested party!

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