Characteristics Of The Vipers

Characteristics Of The Vipers

Characteristics Of The Vipers

Greg Pallen

At a time when so many people are waking up to the aerosol crimes against humanity, there is a small group of very determined “Vipers” who are spreading disinformation and lies mixed with a heavy dose of fake charisma and captivating charm.  This should come as no surprise as Cass Sunstein (former Obama Czar of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs) advocated for the infiltration of activist movements to monitor their actions and decrease their effectiveness.

Characteristics Of The Vipers

The modus operandi of these disinformation experts is to build trust by revealing fundamental truths but ultimately lead their victims to false doctrine or ideology. This process is called “sympathetic resonance” whereby if you are told truths repeatedly you will not question the intermingled lies.  The power structure has studied our psyche and victimizes us based on their understanding of our natural tendencies.   One of the most common lies foisted on the unsuspecting activist is the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) which positions mankind as the enemy and his carbon footprint as the target of taxation and enslavement. The Viper never openly endorses Agenda 21, but is doing so through the false narrative of AGW, a cunning bait and switch.  The viper continually and repeatedly employs the same fear mongering rhetoric of “the earth is on fire ” that the IPCC/UN posits.  Because most Americans are trusting and have never been exposed to this sort or degree of SATANIC EVIL, they become unwitting victims of an extremely deadly agenda.  Those that would question the “deadliness” of the agenda need look no further than THE NUMBER ONE TENET on The Georgia Guidestones or The Club of Rome’s “Goals for Mankind”, in which the author advocates a world population of more than 500 million but less than 1 billion.

Agenda 21 and “Sustainable Development” are just the next sick chapter in the power structure’s quest to centralize more tyrannical power over humanity by dictating virtually every facet of our lives.  PLEASE watch the following short video which documents the goals of the New World Order, Agenda 21 and The Club of Rome:

This article serves as a warning to all who are attempting to navigate the minefield of disinformation to BE VERY DISCERNING.  Do not fall for looks or charisma as the cabal tends to use those human traits to short-circuit critical thought.

Judge a man (or woman) by his fruits and not his empty words…Judge a man by the way he treats his fellow activists….Judge a man by whether he has any original thought or merely robotically repeats the same tired mantras over and over……Judge a man by whether he is willing to be open and transparent with financial donations……Judge a man by whether his agenda ultimately leads to enslavement or liberty…Judge a man by whether he modifies his message or rhetoric to suit his audience…Judge a man by whether he crafts himself as the sole source of information on the subject matter and DOES NOTHING TO PROMOTE THE EXCELLENT WORK OF OTHERS….Judge a man by whether he intentionally ignores some of the most horrific consequences and motives of the omnicidal geoengineering programs (Morgellon’s and mind control)… Judge a man by whether he brings people together or drives them apart by engaging them in the warming/ cooling debate…

There is much at stake and the Club of Rome has stated that they would use the threat of global warming to achieve the “unity” that will be required to usher in world government.


“The common enemy of humanity is man.
In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself.“

– Club of Rome,
premier environmental think-tank,
consultants to the United Nations


Like the Viper who exerts power, influence, charisma and control over the dialogue, the power structure has positioned the Pope to speak to Congress about the dangers of global warming and has leveraged Robert Redford’s star-power with his “last chance to save the planet” speech to the UN. Be very aware of the fear-mongering tactics used to institute a political agenda and usher in world government.  We should be naturally suspicious of any agenda whose underlying aspiration is the genocide and enslavement of humanity.  Likewise, we should question any so-called “leader” (Viper) who would be charged with the promotion of this diabolical agenda and whose message deceives and ultimately leads to the creation of the horrible world that these psychopaths seek to create.  We cannot stand by and watch these bastards kill EVERYTHING that matters to us….We must find the courage to stand up and plant the seed of enlightenment in our fellow man…We must be the Watchman on the Wall and warn our fellow man of the impending doom…But we also MUST INSIST ON ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  There is no place for lies and deception in our dealings with our fellow man. 

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7 thoughts on “Characteristics Of The Vipers

  1. I tell family and friends to look up, but they laugh and make other excuses about what is really going on. Don’t know why I’m the only one in my circle to have awakened to all this. I’m really bad at relaying info. Someone with better communication skills should have been given this important responsibility.

  2. Keep going. It’s all right above you. I find it easy to tell people that it is all public record. No conspirancy. It’s all right in front of us on government documents and above us in the air. Keep spreading the word. They will catch on.

  3. #ClimateGate – Please watch this highly educational film.The facts and real early history of WHO WHEN WHAT and WHY relating to the climate change debate and the depopulation agenda known as #Agenda21.New explosive information is relieved in this film.Its a new short documentary with recently release information from the USA Freedom Of Information Act.Produced by the and the multi award winning director Michael J Murphy, exposes the current global warming lies agenda, its history, and the reasons WHY we are all being sprayed like bugs mostly in all NATO countries –

    We believe it is the first film to document and link all of the early history of the aerosol Climate Engineering spraying programs, while disseminating the current flood of propaganda regarding the global warming climate change debate connected to the geoengineering scandal perpetrated on activists and the public that is better know as #ClimateGate.

    Take Action Today.Follow us on facebook or the web.
    Please join us in the quest for truth and freedom from toxic skies.
    1.Our next Global march Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering is April 23 2015.
    2.A Global #Geoengineering Call To Action Information Social Media Email News Blitz. November 30 to December 11 2015.

  4. Thank you, Sir, for your steadfastness in opposing this ongoing poisoning
    of everything living on this planet.

    For centuries, large numbers of people believing in the Bible as God’s inspired Word,
    also believed that Rome was a false church. The seat the pope sat in referred to as
    satan’s seat, each succeeding pope having the spirit of antichrist, and the last pope
    being the antichrist referred to in Scripture.

    Rome persecuted true Christians, destroyed large quantities of Bibles, and had
    Bible translator William Tyndale burned to death for translating the Bible into English.

    For roman catholics who desire to obey God’s Word, the message is clear:

    “Come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her sins, and
    receive not of her plagues: for her sins have reached unto heaven,
    and God hath remembered her iniquities.”

    1. Janna Klein – There is a season to our activism and our strategies.Names do not need to be mentioned in public, its whoever the shoe fits , this could and does apply to more then one individual and group.We have been Co-oped from the very start, but they can not hide among us for long as Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gains.Wisdom is knowing what you should do next; virtue is doing it and that is a level of attainment “they” will never reach.We will out shine them every time.

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