Fukushima – Global Environmental DISASTER Ignored at Paris Climate Conference

Fukushima - Global Environmental DISASTER Ignored at Paris Climate Conference

Fukushima – Global Environmental DISASTER Ignored at Paris Climate Conference

Former Japan Official: “Unstoppable contamination of Pacific Ocean… is seriously menacing US West Coast” — “Fukushima now undeniably a global security issue… can’t be brought under control by single state” — Experts: Wave of radiation will be 10 times more than entire world’s nuclear tests combined

Published: December 2nd, 2015 at 7:05 am ET

Mitsuhei Murata, former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland, Nov 1, 2015 (emphasis added):

The lack of the sense of crisis over Fukushima is in stark contrast to the gravity of the crisis. Fukushima is now undeniably a global security issue. The unstoppable contamination of the Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere with ionizing radiation from the destroyed Fukushima nuclear reactors is seriously menacing the West Coast of the United States. Japan should make utmost efforts to cope with the Fukushima crisis by retreating from the Tokyo Olympic Games that disseminate the false impression that Fukushima is under control.

Deteriorating situation in Fukushima — Japan is laboring under the consequences of the Accident never before experienced by humanity, including the simultaneous destruction and meltdown of three commercial nuclear reactors. Four and half years after the 3.11 disaster, it has been shown that a severe nuclear accident cannot be brought under control by a single state… It is questioned if Japan is in possession of the governability and the capacity needed to cope with the impending crisis. The melted cores of the reactors from Units 1, 2 and 3 remain inaccessible… If the molten nuclear fuel rods are exposed through cracks to the atmosphere due to a mega earthquake or the liquidization of soils on the site that could cause the collapse and breach of Fukushima’s spent fuel pools, Japan’s landmass would become uninhabitable to a large extent… The whole of Japan is threatened by the worsening situation emanating from the molten fuel rods, which continue to widely disseminate large amounts of dangerous radionuclides into the sea and atmosphere. Limitless steamFukushima - Global Environmental DISASTER Ignored at Paris Climate Conference observed evokes the possibility of re-criticality at the site. The undeniable necessity for international verification of the suspected re-criticality at the site should bring about the indispensable international cooperation to cope effectively with the Accident. The ongoing radioactive contamination of the sea with no prospect for a solution is dishonoring Japan, causing it to be criticized for harming the global environment. In spite of all this, attempts are shamefully being made to hide Fukushima…

Read more: http://enenews.com/former-japan-official-fukushimas-unstoppable-contamination-pacific-ocean-seriously-menacing-west-coast-disaster-be-brought-control-single-state-limitless-steam-coming-reactors-evokes-possibility

Fukushima Update. http://www.FukushimaRadiation.Info
Japan Radiation Map http://jciv.iidj.net/map/

5 thoughts on “Fukushima – Global Environmental DISASTER Ignored at Paris Climate Conference

  1. we could have been using more alterative energy way back in the 70’s…if we had any government leadership….fools in charge…greed in charge…now this is what we are all subject too…MAN MADE MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid greed and ignornence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Foolish Man

  2. All they do with radiation or chemtrails or whatever they throw at us next,will eventually affect the whole human race. The chemtrails are killing my trees,and every inch of earth and water. Test your grass,test your leaves,test your ground water,Aluminum everywhere! Radiation will wipe out west coast, chemtrails will wipe out the rest. They have their gardens underground. Think I am kidding. Do some digging. Wake up

  3. The satanists responsible for the current assaults being waged against God’s earth and humankind must know their reign of terrors will end soon. May their filthy carcasses burn and suffer endlessly into eternity for their ruthless crimes and unpardonable evil. For this I pray each day.

  4. I think all your readers should send this to Donald Trump. At least post it on his Facebook

  5. I wrote the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Ms. Caroline B. Kennedy back in October 20th, challenging her to present this matter as a World Wide Crisis, in need of International Response to King Obama and the UN. As of 20 December, I’ve received no response. As a Father and Grandfather, I feel World Wide Mobilization is needed, before the World as we have known it is destroyed. What are Tepco and the Nuclear Industry in general going to say about poisoning all the oceans and eventually in turn the continental land masses? = “Gee…We are Sorry?” What’s going on in the Middle East isn’t going to matter a tinkers damn if the world in uninhabitable. Further, I’m tired of all these Yahoos in the New World Order trying to put the BLAME of Global Warming on the backs of We The Sheeple! It was the U.S. , the Red Chinese, British, Russian and other Governments that BLEW THE OZONE LAYERS AWAY during their H-Bomb, A-Bomb, Tests in the Atmosphere through the late 40s and into the early 1960s. That’s WHY we have Global Warming, especially over the Polar Ice Caps where the LARGEST HOLES in the Ozone are! Don’t take my word for it! Check it out yourself with Aussies, Chileans, New Zealanders about how their lives have and are changing, because of the increased UV; and other Solar Radiation. That’s also why our corrupt world governments are conducting Secret Geo-Engineering Programs, their nice White Jets spraying the skies over our heads with Aluminum, Strontium, and Barium Particles. It’s “For the good of the Volk!” Their idea is to slow down/deter Global Warming. Unfortunately it comes with a price tag = increased Autism, Alzheimers, Allergies, and destruction of Trees, Crops and Fouling of our Water. I have sent out another Letter to her a few days back, along with a reference to the former Japanese Ambassador to the Swiss, mentioned in your Article who she may already know; and might assist. I hope I may actually get a response. LCDR John

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