From Greg Pallen U.S. Congress – 4th District GA

We are so proud to introduce….
2016 International Edition calendar

There were so many GREAT REASONS to make this idea a reality and we hope that everyone in and out of the movement shares this post far and wide to help acknowledge the activists, researchers, authors and performers who have helped bring this issue to light…This calendar will be used to help raise funds for additional billboards to be erected so that we can continue to wake up the masses ! Additionally, it serves to raise awareness of the issue, establishes legitimacy of cause, demonstrates that the problem is global in scale and creates solidarity amongst those individuals who genuinely are working without an agenda to see the spraying stopped !
Please consider making a minimum donation of $25.00 to GOFUNDME.COM/STOPTHESPRAYING and we will contact you privately to get your shipping address. WE HAVE LIMITED QUANTITIES OF THESE CALENDARS SO PLEASE MAKE YOUR DONATION TODAY ! The following link will allow you to preview the calendar:

Greg Pallen U.S. Congress – 4th District GA

2016 International Edition Chemtrail Calendar!!



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