Environmental ShitShow LA to St Louis

Environmental ShitShow LA to St Louis




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Brush Fire at West Lake Landfill sparks concern for Missouri Residents


By Erin Brockovich

Since October, residents of Porter Ranch California have been exposed to dangerous contaminants from a massive natural gas leak that continues to seep into the air, causing a catastrophe the scale of which has not been seen since the 2010 BP oil spill.

After only a week of visiting families in Porter Ranch, I am already experiencing the headaches, nausea and congestion that have plagued this community living at the center of one of the most significant environmental disasters in recent history.

Southern California Gas Co., or SoCalGas, has essentially ignored the impact to victims and its actions have instead added to their suffering. The company has refused to release air quality data that could be used to protect its residents, it has made relocation very difficult, and it has forged ahead with plans to expand its facility before the leak has even been contained.

Read more: http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/porter-ranch-gas-leak-catastrophe-not-seen-the-bp-oil-spill

Get the word out to the people on the West coast. Their professionals ignored the problem as it was building, now a giant methane plume erupts from the same operation that was hit by multiple earthquakes last year.

At the time when the earthquakes began striking these fracking / gas / oil operations the professionals actually went so far as to publicly deny the relation between the earthquakes which have been striking, and the large gas/oil pumping operations directly above the EQ epicenters.

Now, move forward several months after the earthquakes struck, several months AFTER Dr. Lucille Jones (California professional) downplayed the connection of the earthquakes occurring around North Los Angeles to the gas operations which are now uncontrollably blasting off large plumes of gas.

Ironic that the deniers of the problem last year now have a large ongoing eruption of methane gas occurring just North of Los Angeles, California.

This eruption of gas cannot be ignored — specifically that it is occurring directly from a large pumping / drilling operation (fracking + injection) which they denied had any relation to the seismic unrest below it.

The methane eruption is part of a much larger series of issues which need full explanation.

This video attempts to explain the causes behind why the methane is erupting in Los Angeles, who had the chance to prevent this from happening, and what to expect in the future now that this has occurred. Read more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpcs4ear94k

Worst Ever Methane Release In California History! Experts Don’t Know How To Stop It!

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  1. Corporations exist to make profits. They make useful things, they acquire natural substances and alter or package them for sale to the public at a profit. As time passes however, their main focus has become profits for their owners, whatever it takes, period. If that means poisoning an entire community of their own workers, or an entire city, even a whole state, that’s fine. Corporations are NOT human beings; they have no conscience, even though supposedly those people who run them DO. Or they SHOULD. Corporate laws however say that a CEO’s main responsibility is to use the corporations to make all possible profits for shareholders. If a CEO refuses to take an action that poisons a community, a small town, even a large city but that refused action would make a LOT of money for the corporations, s/he is fired and someone else who WILL do it is hired. The laws, Federal, State, local and corporate MUST BE CHANGED so that this CANNOT happen! Next, corporations that HAVE done this, poisoning a huge area and sickening or killing the surrounding environment and populace must lose the ability to operate in business and all assets must go to reparations.

    Corporations act and react almost as living things, but they’re stupid and have no conscience whatsoever. They – and their owners – must be taught that such actions will NOT profit anyone! They must learn that destructive, and especially deadly actions WILL get the corporate equivalent of the death penalty! The men and women, the corporate Board of Directors and anyone else involved in those decisions must ALL pay an appropriately high price for putting profits over human and other life and suffering and the destruction of the ecosystem. We can no longer afford such destruction! We never could, really, but it’s become so ubiquitous America will eventually become a toxic wasteland like the ones it’s corporations have left like cancerous sores all over the planet. The basic problem is that the giant corporations make so very MUCH money, there is almost no one, no power they cannot touch, cannot reach and harm in order to keep those profits and to make more! That must somehow be stopped and both corporations and individual decision makers must be held completely accountable for the results of those decisions, and for correcting them or at least they must be required to so all that CAN be done to mitigate the damage as much as possible. Knowingly causing the deaths of ANYONE in the drive for profits is NOT an acceptable risk! Now these soulless monsters must be convinced of that; they must be taught this, down to the level of their corporate DNA, and when the corporate directors and owners have learned it, then the corporations will operate on a more realistic and useful plane. Or else.
    Corporations have at least something of an understandable excuse for being soulless monsters; the human beings who run them, however, have none at ALL.

    Death by corporate decision is no less dead than death by gunshot; both happen because of some human or humans who decided that the deaths of other people were an acceptable price to pay in order to get what they want, and too often just to fulfill the terms of their corporate charters. They should be treated like any other murderers – corporations and human decision makers alike!

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