Happy New Year! Detox Bath

Happy New Year! Detox Bath

Happy New Year! Detox Bath

This is a real life saver:

1 cup Espom Salt – if you have a local animal feed supply you can buy a 50 #  bag Magnesium sulfate for about $25

1 cup baking soda – non aluminum – Sodium bicarbonate –  local animal feed supply you can buy a 50 # feed grade for about $25

Your favorite foaming agent.

1  Exfoliating example  Bath Towel 12 inches by 36 inches – works better than dry brushing.

Load the exfoliating towel up with soap for a through cleaning. Scrub like your life depended upon this, results are life changing.

Happy New Year! Detox Bath

Fill the tub with above ingredients, do a full body scrub with bath towel mentioned above, soak and read your favorite book!

Happy New Year! Detox Bath




2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Detox Bath

  1. Ooohh! Sounds wonderful, and yes, I do these soaks often. Haven’t used the towel to scrub. Wish I had time to read the good book too.. Also excellent to add some Detox Bentonite clay to the baths. Skin comes out marvelously smooth and soft. I try to bathe my animals in these ingredients when I can also, to help detox them. Especially horses who are unable to escape the rain and being out in the elements so very often.

    1. Loading up the towel scrubber with soap and preforming a real scrub down is amazing! You can also take Bentonite clay internally or do a face – body mask for further detox. Cheers and Happy New Year!!

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