When Did You Become Aware of Chemtrails?

Please share when you become aware of Chemtials on this blog. Provide Your YouTube videos in the comments.

Within the Aerosol Spraying community, Chemtrails vs Geoengineering has been a taking point. Dennis Kucinich U.S. Representative introduced ‘Space Preservation Act 5 of 2001’’ legislation to BANNING CHEMTRIALS as an exotic weapon

Chemtrails is the correct term for this exotic weapon we see daily, dimming our skies.  (1990 USAF Manual on Chemtrails), Geoengineering can mean damning up a river, cutting down a forest.

My Story 

As an avid nature, sky photographer, aviator and owner of aircraft,  I have been aware of the skies for my entire life. I grow up in the country in the 1960’s when there was not much going on  except observing nature and the sky for entertainment.

The bulk of my aviation experience was in the 1980’s with a Georgia Tech flight engineer, ex Navy flight instructor, aircraft carrier flight operations officer during WWII and FAA flight and FAA mechanic (signed off on aircraft after the annual inspections.)

During the 1980’s I asked my  Navy – FAA  inspector about contrails. He is response, the engines were redesigned NOT TO PRODUCE  CONTRAILS.

Friends told me about Chemtrils, but I did not believe them until November 2010.

On November, 20, 2010 when I saw at least 6 jets spraying huge plumes over head in my remote area. November, 20, 2010 is significant as this is the first day of Deer Hunting season in Wisconsin, where many hunters were outside. What are they spraying?

When Did You Become Aware of Chemtrails? When Did You Become Aware of Chemtrails? When Did You Become Aware of Chemtrails?

Confirmation of this activity, stating all the resources would be in place in 2010, page 10 “Directed Energy is fast becoming the popular weapon of the future. Along these lines, optical intelligence is still, and will remain to be a critical method of targeting weapons. These weapons will be wide-spread by approximately 2010.”   Operational_Defenses_through_Weather_Control_in_2030_2010

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  1. My Wife and I live in Berlin New Hampshire, and often go fishing. We started seeing FLEETS of these Jets, I started a Log to record it. One day driving up towards Coldbrook N.H. to Diamond Pond we counted over 20 of them! These were flying at about 35,000 feet at 5 mile intervals. They flew from the Western Maine Border towards the West, North of Mount Washington. They made the typical Chemtrails pictured in your Blog and elsewhere on the Internet. I had binoculars, and am a former Officer assigned to the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. John F. Kennedy. I saw that ALL these Jets were white and unmarked; all spewing the White Smoke. When my Wife and I got out to the Lake, we saw the entire Western Horizon change from Cobalt Blue to a smoky Haze over a period of about 2 – 3 Hours!! I found out about the Chemicals they were spraying I wrote the Local City Government, (who didn’t want to get involved). Next I wrote a NH State Senator Kelly Ayotte who responded by saying that the “theory” that the Federal Govt. was purposefully spraying chemicals into the air at high altitudes has been discredited by the scientific community. (No specific references were made about her sources). She proceeded to give me the standard line that what I saw were Contrails, formed by hot air intersecting with cold air at high altitudes. It was pretty much (her response Letter) what I’d consider the Government’s “Party Line (Lie).

  2. This is an add on to my comment: We first spotted these Jets making their criss-cross patterns on the 20th of October, 2015.

  3. It’s hard for me to believe that people deny , don’t bother , don’t talk about , don’t look up , and most will tell you the trails are just from jet exhaust . It makes me wan’t to give up . I know that there was nothing out of the ordinary with the weather before 1992 , Seems to me like things started to get weird after William Clinton signed onto and took over where George W. Bush left off with United Nations Agenda 21 . I worked at McClellan AFB for thirteen years , after it was pronounced closed , it took another five years to close the gates , in those years we rebuilt old 135 tankers along side Raytheon corporation , why all the tankers ? no one ever asked . But after I left in 1999 , I started noticing strange puffy lines across northern California and strange coloring of cloud cover over Sacramento . Someone had told me they were shading the planet from sun solar flairs to guard computer chips , especially in autos , because a sun flair could melt the tiny conductor and make gas pedals hit the floor and kill people ! I have heard of that so I let it go thinking these bastards will do anything to protect their technology . That was 17 years ago ! I’ve watched these high , fast flying jets pump that stuff out almost every day since , but now it’s ” weather warfare ” connected to HAARP , or Global Warming or Climate Change or Modification or Agenda 21 forcing people into Mega-regions with Drought and extreme storms or commodities trading , it’s just Spectacularly unbelievable ! Still no Meteorologist will answer any questions nor will any Congressman ! What ever the outcome , it is not something good ! just because it’s stealth / secret

  4. Roughly two years ago a friend pointed them out to me. Up to that point I, like many people, assumed they were caused by jets or planes. I began researching chemtrails and was outraged at what I discovered. It basically turned my world upside down to learn that our own “government” would poison it’s own people yet it’s undeniable. The evidence is clearly in the skies and in the rising number of health issues experienced by the population. The only way to put a stop to this outrageous practice is to educate the public, expose it, and demand that it be stopped. Sadly, some people that I’ve told have called me crazy. Putting our heads in the sand is no longer an option but we must rise up as one..there’s power in numbers.

  5. Hi, I am not sure if this is where to leave my response to “when did I first become aware of Chemtrails?”. So , I will answer here. It was in 2008, I live on a Mountaintop in a remote area of Southern Colorado. I was building my cabin and was outside most of the day. Of course the skies are (were) beautiful…big and blue and clear and beautiful. Then one day I noticed a plane overhead and its leaving of a trail, it looked and felt(some things at sight feel creepy) then I noticed another, then I actually sat and watched….it went on for hours, these trails of whatever they were and they seemed to not be affected by the wind which way blowing. The next day it was the same and I asked a friend who was with me what they thought, well, that was the beginning of the “its nothing.why do you have to always make something bad, its what airplanes do” conversations or arguments…it wasn’t until a year later that I got the internet and looked up what they were…I cried…I thought I was crazy…but I am not, the “people” that are spraying the skies are. And I do not believe that it is a government agency that is doing it, it is worldwide, which requires a GREAT deal of funds. I have my thoughts and feelings on who is behind it but even there I am hesitant to share. Ok, well, if there is a God/Goddess, Budha, great universe…I state here…We sure could use some help! Thank you in advance. Sincerely and with much love, Chanson

  6. In the late 1990’s a mid-level meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami complained about cloud seeding experiments interfering with retrieving tropical cyclone data via dropsond. The Amateur radio station inside the NHC was licensed as W4EHW at the time. As volunteer communicator it was our job to collect property damage reports from affected storm areas using the HAM radio frequency bands. As an active private pilot I began to scan the skies with an educated awareness that the government was performing a clandestine cloud seeding operation. In only a few weeks I began to notice unusual contrail formations that seemed bizarre and unrelated to tropical storms.

  7. Evidence of spraying…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB-DaQdAG_I
    Official response from compromised Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy – He sent request this inquiry to Donald P. Dunbar Major General, Wisconsin National Guard The Adjutant General – The fox in charge of the chicken coop.

    “Contrails are streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air and normally produced by high flying military and civilian aircraft. Contails are an act of nature and cannot be turned “off and on” by aircrews. While it is possible for military aircraft to produce contrails in the upper limits of the Military Operations Area, the contrails would not block the sun sufficiently to cause chickens to roost early”.

  8. I first became aware Nov. 1st, 2005 in Southern California. IT was 2 months after Hurricane Katrina. Upon noticing the heavy overhead spraying I was instinctively alarmed and attempted to point it out to everyone I met. I was shocked at people’s denial and apathy. I’d point it out and always got blank “deer in headlight” reactions. I also began taking pics and began researching it online. Very few websites were reporting on it and many were disinfo. Canicom.com , williamthomas.net, & Bariumblues.com were 3 sites that were legit. Youtube didn’t surface until 2006. The very few people posting chemtrail vids would attract hordes of government trolls who’d bait us by pretending to be interested in chemtrails and posing basic questions. Once they attracted your attention, they’d spew the typical “debunk” disinfo & began stalking & harrassing. The aerosols sprayed would leave behind strange spider web looking material that made people, plants, and animals severely ill. My 38 yr old neighbor died after a year of extreme illness with symptoms matching those of Morgellons. Mainstream medical doctors also seemed to have the same scripted denial and “conspiracy theory” indoctrination explanations that many of the “debunking” trolls had online. Overall in my experience it’s quite clear the government, military,& media planned the coverup in advance.

  9. When I moved back to Portland, OR about three years ago I noticed these streaks in the sky. Of course no one thought anything about them but I knew they were not natural so when I did research I found websites that explained a lot. I just watched the first of the miniseries XFiles and they explained the different methods that are being done against mankind (one of them is poisoning our air) . This first XFile (My Struggle I) is so real from doing research. Disclosure is around the corner!

    1. I became aware of the Jets spraying these clouds of chemicals in October of this year past. They continue to do so regularly, particularly when the skies are clear. In October, 2015, my wife and I were fishing on a Lake and watched these Jets turn the entire Western Horizon from a cobalt clear blue to a hazy smoky L.A. Pollution Smog. I am keeping a log about it. We counted in one day (1st Week of October, 2015) over 12 Jets at about 30,000 feet spraying at about 5 mile intervals going across the White Mountains of New Hampshire east to west from Maine.

  10. I had hear several references to Chem trails over California and Oregon from a favorite radio talk show host. I live in Michigan, and though I believed him, I kind of thought it was his problem, not mine. Nothing like that was happening here.
    My family and I drove to Florida over spring break (April 2011) and on the drive back, I saw countless planes flying overhead, back and forth, spewing long cloud plumes. I saw the checkerboard grid I’d been hearing about. The whole drive I kept looking up and watching the coordinated spray patterns going, from state to state. I drove my wife crazy as she witnessed me craning my neck most of the drive , focusing on the spraying.

    Once home, I went to a neighborhood grocery store and looked up to see a huge chem trail hanging over the store and parking lot, extending into the distance. I then knew it was true, and I was living it. I told many friends and family. Overall, only a remote trickle believe me. Most don’t and seem to resent hearing about it.

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