Downtown Atlanta…..AIRCRAP Billboard

Downtown Atlanta.....AIRCRAP Billboard

The billboard that calendars built-THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS !!!!!

1,000,000 views per month !!!!!!

Thanks to Greg Pallen

Downtown Atlanta.....AIRCRAP Billboard

Downtown Atlanta.....AIRCRAP Billboard

Thank you to everyone who donated and made this possible. This billboard is located at the highly traveled “Spaghetti Junction” in Atlanta, Georgia and is reaching 1,000,000 people this month! That’s a LOT of minds to open. Good job EVERYONE! It’s so impressive what can be done when we COME TOGETHER! Please consider making a donation to as we anticipate the announcement of our next HIGH-PROFILE location !

Stop the Spraying Billboards Funding


4 thoughts on “Downtown Atlanta…..AIRCRAP Billboard

  1. Every state should own a billboard…about time the… S_ _ T… is exposed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is great news….If I were a millionaire they would be up all over the world. I have had enough.,,,I think we all have.

  3. Can’t believe people don’t notice the obvious trails and the grey clouds, i have spoken to 3 MP’S here in England plus about 50 cops, spread the word folks, its our only chance.

  4. Aircrap is heavily financed and well managed. Does anyone know who and where the head-gazuncas is? WHO IS DOING THIS?

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