Porter Ranch California Gas Disaster

Oily Residue From Gas Leak Coats Porter Ranch CA Homes

The Leak: The largest natural gas leak ever recorded is happening now in a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles. The leak is from an old oil well being used to store natural gas under high pressure.  It is the largest natural gas storage facility west of the Mississippi.

A pipe inside the well has cracked and so much gas is gushing out:

• It’s increasing California’s emissions by 25%
• 10,000 local residents have been evacuated, up to 5 miles away from the leak
• Planes aren’t allowed overhead for fear they’ll blow up

The leak first started in October 2015  and the company responsible says it can’t be fixed until March. Residents complained of side effects a few months before.

BPEarthWatch commentary

The Researchers: Boston University Professor Nathan Phillips and Bob Ackley of Gas Safety drove a high precision GIS-enabled natural gas analyzer down the roads around the gas leak (Jan. 8th to 13th, 2016) to create the video above. The red shows where they drove.  The level of natural gas is shown by the height of the peaks.  Where the gas spreads depends enormously on the direction and speed of the wind.  These are just a few snapshots in time of the gas (see more images).

Phillips and Ackley are experts in natural gas analysis, having mapped the gas leaks in numerous cities such as Washington (DC), Boston, Cincinnati and Manhattan. They will post their data soon, making everything open source for researchers and reporters.

Early Results: So far, the early results show natural gas levels are elevate 2 to 67 times the background level found in the area. Local residents are complaining of nausea, headaches and nosebleeds.  No one knows if there will be long term health effects from the volatile organic chemicals found in the gas.  There is conflicting information on the subject.

The Movie: The award-winning VineBrook filmmaking crew wants to create a full-length documentary on the subject of gas leaks, as well as on the Porter Ranch leak.


2 thoughts on “Porter Ranch California Gas Disaster

  1. No disrespect of home owners in the area of the ” gas leak ” But that whole region of the San Fernando Valley was agriculture at one time . I remember the days when it was miles and miles of Olive and Orange grove , Oak trees and small ranches , horse trails and natural streams . Then came the water , then came the east coast land developers after the rail road . Now there’s nothing left but cement , asphalt , roof tops , traffic beyond horrible , the air is putrid , drug gangs , illegals , and everything else that grades with Manhattan New York City ! I was born at the foothills of that area , 63 years ago and watched as every inch of that place was destroyed by development . Earthquakes have tried to heal the land , fires and floods have tried , and now our living earth is going to try something else , it’s been storing up this gas for eons ! If and when it destroys everything on the surface , It should be once again a place of agriculture and left alone by developers . It was a beautiful place at one time ! Orange Groves , are California , not wall to wall houses !

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