First Annual Global Chemtrail Conference!

Global Chemtrail Summit Saturday, May 7 at 8 AM in PDT

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Saturday, May 7 at 9 AM in PDT – Vancouver, Canada – The 2016 First Annual Global Chemtrail Summit will offer a scientific presentation on the Past, Present and Future details of the ongoing atmospheric aerosols campaign. The conference is a convergence of all the best minds aware of this ongoing crime against humanity in or skies and willing to speak their truth.

Being the change is Not a spectator sport, it is now time to get off the sidelines and be the change we want to see in the world. Together we have the power to alter the timeline and take our planet back. WE are only as strong as we are united and as weak as we are divided. Tell a friend, please play your part, the time for action is now, let’s make this a huge success not just for us but for the future of humanity!

Guest Speakers:

Scott Stevens
Patrick Roddie
J.Marvin Herndon
Ted Mahr
Harry Rhodes
Terry Lawton
Michael J. Murphy
Eric Cypher
Christopher Fontenot
Elana Freeland
Max Bliss
Amanda Baise

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5 thoughts on “First Annual Global Chemtrail Conference!

  1. SUN CITY ,TEXAS a retirement community north of AUSTIN ,TEXAS is being TARGETED AND FOGGED CONSTANTLY with HEAVY SPRAYING.


    SUN CITY is being turned into S M O G CITY by POISON CHEMICAL TRAILS.


  2. I was introduced to aerosol spraying by Dane Wiggington . I am very surprised the he is not a speaker at this conference.

  3. How can I help…I am just a common person…I have witnessed this disaster in our SKYS here in Wisconsin for way to long…. Sat. Sun. Weekdays… over my family’s farm so heavy that it looked as if someone was painting the SKYS with whipped Real Cream…you know the holsum kind… real and NO BGH…dam that MONSANTO… It’s About we put a stop to this stupidity…My Cabbage Plants….I am just a common gardener….have never had dried dead spots within the nice big leaves like they have had in the past several years and getting worse…I am going to provide a cover for them of a sort so that I can raise my sensitive crops…Cabbage… Cucumbers…and alike…Their is no other choice….This Crazyness of Killing the free…clean…world as we know it….needs to STOP…. Rid the world of the Illite…Illuminati’s …BIG BANKS….BIG PHARMA….bad drugs…MONSANTO…and fools with that perspective alike…and we all all live a better life….don’t the fools that are doing this realise they LIVE ON THIS GOD GIVEN EARTH AS WELL……theese fools need to be stopped….no questions asked….quit the planned KILLING of the INNOCENTS….Please advise …HOW CAN I HELP IN THIS MATTER ….voulenteer…anything….I am sick of seeing these PLANES spraying DEADLY chemicals on the U.S Citizens…. Please Advise HOW CAN I HELP….I have even contacted our State Senitor…the great????? Sean Duffie….He assured me ” Mam….I checked with everyone involved….their is no such SPRAYING involved…he is just another…LIVING FOOL as well…again….How can I help…..thanks Donna….they can’t KILL US ALL for SPEAKING OUT…and what about that FlintMichigan…bad water….just another Kill Me Tactic…or sicken me if no less….LEADERS….STOP YOUR BULL S–T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very Happy
    Look forward to the conference
    Sharing is Caring <3

  5. This is great news! Keep it going guys. Wish I could attend. We need to have something like this held in America also. Glad to see so many folks speaking and motivated on this topic- The spraying needs to STOP NOW. 🙂

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