Chemtrails over Melbourne….Major Airlines Exposed (Oct. 2011)

Chemtrails over Melbourne….Major Airlines Exposed (Oct. 2011)

Chemtrails over Melbourne….Major Airlines Exposed (Oct. 2011)

Published on Feb 14, 2016

My first video on exposing Chemtrails over Melbourne (October 2011).
I expose major airlines, including Australia’s Major Airline “Qantas”, spraying over us as they fly over at a height of 30,000+ feet.
This is an outrage that sadly the population does nothing about.

YouTuber Peekay Truth

4 thoughts on “Chemtrails over Melbourne….Major Airlines Exposed (Oct. 2011)

  1. How can anyone do anything when the entity that is doing it is unknown?

  2. Massive public response to The Natural Health Products Bill [submission deadline Friday 4 March 2016] is crucial because governments interpret public silence as implied consent. In other words, unless a critical mass of humans take action to notify the government that they ‘withdraw consent’ that silence empowers government to do as they please.

    When humans speak up in great numbers in any country their collective voice sends a powerful message to leaders in other countries … proceed with caution!

  3. Allow me to add.

    Not only are humans being sprayed with toxic chemicals from aircraft day and night, the government is notifying the public of their intention to regulate natural health products.


    An international organization is in cahoots with the FDA to completely eliminate any and all options we have to use natural means of vitamin and herbal supplements for our own health. The Codex Alimentarius Commission has regulated potency of vitamins limiting international unit strength of vitamin supplements in Europe. It virtually cuts off all supply of vitamin supplements on that continent that are therapeutically beneficial, and currently working with the US FDA to do the same. Tying it into the World Trade Organization as an international regulator, their next anticipated move will be toward “HARMonizing” uniform standards. There are also plans to impose a lowered standard of vitamin dosage that can be purchased over-the-counter, and requiring higher dose levels that are necessary for any medicinal benefit to only be attained through ‘prescription’. Big Pharma is closing in on ensuring it gets its cut and more profits. By limiting the minimal international units on every vitamin supplement and thus rendering it completely ineffective and useless, the demonic control over what humans can and cannot ingest in their own bodies for their own well-being is usurping our rights and capacity to live healthy lives.

    Population control under the guise of consumer protection.

  4. You guys have it all wrong! The side effects of aluminum particles etc. upon “We the Sheeple” of the world, are simply to the World Governments, (including the U.S.A.) “collateral damages”, which are acceptable to them. The REAL REASON they are doing it covertly is because our Governments do NOT want people to wake up to who is REALLY responsible for the Global Warming. That’s why the yahoos in the mainline news all talk to us about OUR (the wee-peoples’) Carbon Footprints, pollution, cow poop, use of the devilish internal combustion engines etc. , that WE are collectively responsible for Global Warming. IF you want to know the real answer drop me a line.

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