Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates

Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates

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In Alaska, matters have been quite warm but not record-breaking this winter, says Rick Thoman, climate science and services manager for the National Weather Service in the state.
“It’s been another warm winter in Alaska,” Thoman says. “No other way to put it. This is the third in a row that’s been significantly warmer than normal.” Alaska’s winter so far (taking into account the months of November, December and January) has been the third warmest on record since 1925, he says.

Here’s a series of 13 images capturing a static view yesterday afternoon in the vicinity of Anchorage, Alaska. An image was made every 10 minutes. Atmospheric physics indicates that clouds restrict nighttime heat loss from the surface. Data shows nighttime warming is a significant contributor to higher temp averages. As illustrated here, just as the sun sets, an artificial cloud bank is created at the approx. 36,000 ft level. Repeated in continuous cycles over 20 years, it is little wonder things are out of kilter? The blanket of particulates seen here can be viewed from remote cameras in most parts of the world. Alaska is not unique; it is a test victim. Views from Knik-West were particularly gruesome. Similar chemical spray operations are underway daily across Alaska’s skies. One presumes the Stockholm Syndrome is at work. Otherwise, the rats would be erecting barriers or blowing holes in airport runways. Thanks again to the FAA, whose flight conditions cameras offer snuff-film highs a step or two above those in Hunter Thompson’s archive. Read more:
Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates 2 Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates 9 Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates 12 Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates



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3 thoughts on “Alaska Update – Douglas A. Yates

  1. You guys have it wrong as to WHY they are spraying us. You are correct that it IS a secret international government program. If you try to contact Senators, Military, etc. in U.S.A. they will simply deny it and claim the Chemtrails are Contrails. Failing that, they will label you as a Mental Case. If you want to know WHY they are doing it, drop me a line. I am a former Naval Officer, on Aircraft Carriers, and I’ve figured it out.

  2. Mr. Sullivan,
    I can’t express my concern on this matter. I am beside myself trying to understand why the skies are filled with this matter. Nearly everyday now here in NY I see the trails. Suffolk County NY had hearings on the trails and tried to pass legislation to ban the them to no avail. What are my children breathing? It’s my understanding it’s nano aluminum particles. If this is true that we are being sprayed with toxin I say that is a declaration of war as that would be the most heinous crime against humanity ever known. I hope this is not true however why is it there are no answers as to what it is in the sky. I am considering getting my air, water and soil tested. If I find high levels of toxins I will seek refuge in some other land.

  3. At SOTN link below scroll down to PART III: Chemtrails Involvement With Directed Energy Weapons Appearing On Fake Cell Towers

    If you remember nothing else about all of this technology, remember this: Be afraid. Be very, very, afraid. There simply is no better way to sum up everything that follows better than those few words. This is the mother load of all posts dealing with Chemtrails and related matters. Brace yourselves.

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