Major Carbon Monoxide Levels on USA West Coast!!!

Major Carbon Monoxide Levels on USA West Coast!!!
Published on Feb 27, 2016

Major Carbon Monoxide Levels on USA West Coast!!!
Earth emits a burst of carbon monoxide (CO) a few days before an earthquake, according to geophysicist Ramesh Singh.

Source YouTuber BPEarthWatch

17 thoughts on “Major Carbon Monoxide Levels on USA West Coast!!!

  1. Can’t be from cars , could be the worlds biggest fault leaking gas , San Andreas could be stretched from the pressure of the ” ring of fire ” pulling it apart , we’re just sitting out here in Northern California by the Sierras waiting for something to happen !

  2. Have you researched the numbers? The quantity of the map is about 2500 ppb. You can die from exposure to 200 ppm. When you convert it, it’s pretty amazing!

  3. I blame is on the chemtrail spraying going on … over and over!!
    So bad…

  4. Praying everyone stays safe….. and that unbeneficial agendas of all sorts fail….
    Western NC here… noticed that for the first time this year our skies are clear of trails for 2 days in a row…. TWO DAYS IN A ROW… BLUE SKY… !!!!
    Wondered where the planes had gone…. might be California…

  5. The earth electrical energy rise on the 24th/25th of February, would have been a indication that there is something going wrong. These high levels of sulfur and carbon monoxide can only come from within the earth, an opening of the ring of fire would release such high levels, the pressure of the ring of fire should be taken serious at this point as the opposite side of this leakage would be pushing hard against another plate, just like Japan in 2011.

  6. I’m wondering what baseline levels are supposed to be because o saw 131 ppb, parts per billion. That converts to . 131 ppm, parts per million. Is there someone who can clarify this? Thank you.

  7. We are our own worst ememy…. I’ve seen many, many years of self-destruction…. So SAD!

  8. Sandra M Beebe on 02/27/2016
    I blame is on the chemtrail spraying going on … over and over!!
    So bad…
    I see you do not follow these type of events to state such a stupid comment..

  9. It’s been enough days that people wonder if it isn’t manufactured for some reason?
    Yellowstone has had 4 quake and swelling not getting reported?
    Due for alleged asteroid pass that could drop meteors, play hell with magnetosphere and make volcanos and earthquakes happen?
    Fukushima has been seen steaming or smoking off something and whatever is killing everything in the northern hemisphere IT IS NOT BECAUSE FUKUSHIMA!!
    …..IF an asteroid we “couldn’t see?” Played hell on us…….nasa,would get endless billions, get planetary surveillance and weapons in space and not even need “aliens!” Anymore?
    They have used this opportunity to pan for “asteroid surveillance!” (ie, global surveillance to sell…) and “asteroid defense!” (ie weapons in space, so far only shot this direction…) But I’m sure they’re just capatalizing on it…..really….
    The UN has a plan to invade and sack california in the name of “disaster and refugees”…… it just needs enough disaster to invade? (Hope the cali’s get em too haha)

    Or some other thing totally pro-merican with all in mind and just a need to be very sneaky because of our enemies?

    In a couple more days I think we shall know more… good sized fireball over Scots last night already….

  10. We have a third of our forest trees dead in California, which BTW provide photo synthesis, with the carbon monoxide gas
    two energy fuels, then add a fire from a meteor fireball this does not look good. The citizens of the West Coast are not being warned in order to prepare for safety. I can only pray that the Lord is your shepherd.

  11. Early morning, afternoon, late evening they are spraying CHEMTRAILS all over the upper eastside New York City. This has been going on for a few years or longer. People in my neighborhood are getting sick but don’t know why. I have noticed not elderly people walking with canes. No one looks up into the sky.

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