Day-12 of High Pressure Blockade; Phased Array Radar Generates Right-angle Front!

Day-12 of High Pressure Blockade; Phased Array Radar Generates Right-angle Front!
Published on Feb 29, 2016

Irrefutable evidence of weather manipulation is on display again today! A giant perfectly formed right angle is on display – Mother Nature DOES NOT generate right angles in weather. The right angle is produced as a result of a powerful phased array radar focusing microwave RF energy onto the core of the storm to weaken it and to neutralize the counterclockwise rotation in the weather system. We see that the core pressure has raised to 992 mb with not much rotation. The long edge of the right-angle front is about 1500 miles long!

Today is the 12th day of stationary high pressure installed into place to block all incoming weather systems into California and the West coast! (I lost count and called it the 13th day….blamed it on the weather controllers.) The skies over Southern California are a quagmire of heavy aerosol chemtrail spraying, and the reason for this is some pockets of moisture are moving Southeast through the region and pose a threat of rain. Chemtrail aerosols are clearly visible offshore on the SSEC Water vapor map; the aerosols create a hot air inversion layer over the moisture field preventing lift and precipitation.

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3 thoughts on “Day-12 of High Pressure Blockade; Phased Array Radar Generates Right-angle Front!

  1. Ok , we all know what’s going on ! now we need to know who is paying for this , who’s gambling with this , where are these planes flying out of , who manufactures the chemicals , who’s transporting the chemicals , and why this fits into political Climate Change and what is the over all goal , other than ‘ Global Warming nonsense ” We know Mr. Trump will put an end to this once and for all !

  2. OK, I can tell what I know so far. It starts with the pineal gland. If we get our pineal gland operating we will be able to do many magical things such as teleporting, telepathy, Bliss.
    The (zionists/naziis? use any word, not sure who/what it is but know it is ‘blue bloods’ and other groups especially the top one per-centers and a lot of the politicians and bankers. They are all being controlled by a ‘dark entity’ and this dark entity thrives on darker climates such as what geoengineering is doing and what Really will happen once we have a few volcanoes erupting. I think UBUNTU Party may be our way out.

  3. Thanks for showing us the ‘real’ weather, unbelievable. Looks like they have places offshore they are using to keep their jets?

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